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  1. MrBluefin

    Thor Pants

    I'm a 32, and wear a 32 Core form last year. Fit was right on, not too snug for me.
  2. MrBluefin

    DID ERT chain

    Same here, I got tired of adjusting it after every ride. The xring stretched a bit in the beginning, but now it rarely needs adjusting.
  3. MrBluefin

    Radiator Brace/Guard

    Maybe it's just me, but when I had the WC rad braces on, they didn't seem to protect diddly. Granted, the radiators won't stand up to much abuse, but just tipping over turned one of mine into a banana with the brace on. Similar results on some other mishaps. Those rooster guards look pretty cool, will they work with a large Clarke tank on?
  4. MrBluefin

    Fav. Bar bend...

    I'm using the Fatbar KTM bend (608). Not a lot of pullback, the way I like it. I'm 5' 9".
  5. MrBluefin

    Go Kdub!!!

    After watching Bubba in practice, I thought it was all over. He was sooo smooth. So was Hepler in practice, he and Ramsey were the only ones tripling anything. Rain kept falling, and so did the riders. It was crazy to watch. Rickey tripling in the rain!!!! Insane. Very exiting to see live. Congrats to KW. He rode a smart race. Check it out tommorow.
  6. MrBluefin

    Cleaning and Lubing D.I.D X-Ring

    Hey Rapture, Have you got a name for that industrial lube that you use? Thanks.
  7. MrBluefin

    New Damper and Flexx Bars Pics

    Pics are fine. Wish I could run my Scott's dampner, but I put on some RG3 20mm clamps and the top clamp mounting bolts hit the Scott's post. Guess I could go with the fender mount.....
  8. My riding partners 03 CRF is green stickered. He just renewed his registation and got another green sticker for it. I don't know if his just slipped thru the cracks or what. I do know he purchased it in late 02, that may have something to do with it. Usually the 03's don't get green stickers.
  9. MrBluefin

    OEM Top end?

    I just last week did the top end on my 03 CRF450 using all OEM parts. I did put in the 04 piston, but the rest of the stuff works in all 02-04 bikes. The valves looked in great shape, and I only replaced the intake springs The original 03 piston still looked to be in perfect shape (only had about 70 hrs on it). The bike runs really strong and I couldn't be happier.
  10. MrBluefin

    Advanced whoops...

    Here's another link of Bubba on some whoops at the Kawi test track. As my riding Bro calls it "Poetry in Motion". He does seem to be WFO when blitzing those whoop sections. Amazing to watch. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/features/article/0,13190,698504,00.html
  11. MrBluefin

    CHM SM 1 Exhaust

    I was looking into the same thing for my new CHM lowboy, that thing sticks out there! Eline now makes a pipe guard just for the CHM, I called them because it's not listed on the website. They want $99 for the kit with mounting hardware. A bit pricey, but burn up one pair of riding pants and it pays for itself.
  12. MrBluefin

    Serfa Spyder Grips???

    Try this guy on Ebay. Spider Grips Just bought a set of the SLX slim line, haven't mounted them yet. Good seller, real quick shipping. He lists a bunch of colors, but only seems to have the black, I wanted the red. Looks like a nice pair of grips.
  13. MrBluefin

    Scott's fender mount kit?

    I'm in the same boat. Put the RG3 triple clamps on my CRF, and the post mount for the Scotts now hits the triple clamp. I've only seen the pictures of the fender mount on the Scotts website and didn't care for the look. What else can I do? Anybody have some firsthand knowledge/experience with the fender mount?
  14. MrBluefin

    CHEST PROTECTORS-which to buy?

    I really like my Troy Lee Design chest protector. It's very comfy and I can hardly tell it's on. It doesn't have the arm/bicep covers that some of the other protectors do.
  15. MrBluefin

    Checking timing on the LEFT side?

    Thanks for that! I've always wondered why the two marks on the ignition side.