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  1. jwoodruff07

    Trouble Turning Left

    I have no idea why, but I'm so much fast turning right. I can't turn left good at all. Any ideas?
  2. jwoodruff07

    New Bike for 16th Birthday

    SilvFx, only mx. If I end up going used, my budget will be about 3 grand since they'll be paying up front. If I get a new bike, my parents would be making the down payment and first few payments to get me started, then I would be paying the rest. I know a lot of people say not to finance a dirt bike, but I could easily pay it and have about 150 left over each month. I would use every little bit I could to get ahead on payments since I don't have to pay for anything else. poldies4, how does the bike handle? Are the ergonomics comfortable or easy to get used to? I've heard they are taller than the yz's. That wouldn't be a problem with me though because I'm 6'2".
  3. jwoodruff07

    New Bike for 16th Birthday

    I'll be paying for maintenance though. I'm 99% sure the ktm is the way I want to go, but I haven't ridden one so I don't know how they feel compared to the yz.
  4. I currently have a 2002 yz125 but I want a new bike. I love riding 125s and I've only ridden a 250f once. I'm not too crazy about the weight and cost though so they're probably out of the picture. I'm 6' 2" and 140. I love my yz, but I can't see buying a new one because they haven't changed in so long. I really like what I'm hearing about the 2013 ktm 125sx. Any thoughts? I haven't ridden a ktm so I would like to hear what others think about how they (any 125 or 150sx) feel. I don't know anyone with a ktm that I can ride either. It seems like such a great bike, but I want to hear someone else's input on the bike. I also want to hear what some people think about the Husky cr125.
  5. jwoodruff07

    g2 throttles cams

    I would be getting the quick turn throttle tube if I got one. How much of a difference is there? Easily noticable? The reason I was considering one in the first place is because I have to replace my throttle housing and tube anyways. If you're supposed to ride a 125 wide open, why not make it easier to get there? Haha that's how I see it anyways, but I have no clue how big the difference is.
  6. jwoodruff07

    g2 throttles cams

    I'm wondering how good they work or how big the difference is. I think it would help me a lot on my 125, but I want to know more about them. What happens when you get in a sticky situation? I'd say they would be hard to get used to or could even get you in more trouble at times. What do you guys think?
  7. jwoodruff07

    fptmotocross goes backwards

    Are you ever open during the week?
  8. jwoodruff07

    mx starts

    Okay, I'll try that. Thanks.
  9. jwoodruff07

    mx starts

    How long is the average start at a motocross track? I know they vary, but I want to measure out a good lenth to practice starts/the first corner. Thanks.
  10. jwoodruff07

    First Race in NC/TN

    I'm not sure, you might want an answer from some of the other guys but there's 2 around WNC that I know of. The Mega Series and the Ultra Series run at places like Muddy Creek (in Tennessee), Top Gun (towards you guys?), and Iron City (in SC). They go a few other places too but you can go on Victory Sport's website and look.
  11. jwoodruff07

    No Clutch Tension?

    I'm not sure. I just gave up and took it to a mechanic. I wish I wouldn't have though because I just saw a new thread where the same thing happened and the guy fixed it just by putting his old plates back in.
  12. jwoodruff07

    Problem with New Clutch

    The same thing happened to mine and instead of putting the old plates back in, I took it to a mechanic yesterday. I wish I would've tried it.
  13. jwoodruff07

    No Clutch Tension?

    Okay I have no clue what is wrong. I checked the cable length compared to the old one and they are the same. I put in an extra plate (one more of each kind) to fill in the gap between the last plate and pressure plate. Still nothing. I put the cable on the clutch cover with the cover off the bike so I could make sure that the little rod/gear was turning. It's almost like the clutch cable isn't connected at all.
  14. jwoodruff07

    No Clutch Tension?

    Okay that's what I thought. Thanks.
  15. jwoodruff07

    No Clutch Tension?

    Yeah I mean I tightened down the hub with an impact because I couldn't really figure out a way to torque it down and everything else that should be torqued down, is. The only thing that isn't torqued down all the way is the pressure plate, which is 5 pounds (should be 7 but I didn't want to strip it again). There is a big space between the very outside friction plate and the pressure plate. Should there be a space there?