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  1. Ryan Cazburn

    2002 CR 125 transmission problem.

    I was just wondering if any of you have had a problem with the transmission, my first gear seems to skip and jump if you give it some, so I've put her in the shed and imgoing to get a new transmission and give it a bottom end rebuild.
  2. Ryan Cazburn

    Best YZ 125?

    I'd get 06' or higher, but if I was you I'd get a cr, from 01' onwards they have the good frames, but with any 125 if you do some work on the engine and smack a pipe on here they all turn into crotch rockets, it's just a matter of holding on.
  3. Ryan Cazburn

    Leatt w/ chest protectors

    My leatt brace fits straight into my fox proframe, but like the sentinel it has no shoulder cups.
  4. Ryan Cazburn

    Leatt Chest Protectors

    Nah mate, I got a new fox proframe The otherday, I don't like the leatt neckbraces, but I'm going to get a alpinestars bionic neckbrace tomorrow, do you know if they fit anygood with the fox proframes?
  5. Ryan Cazburn

    Am I a poser if......

    Your bike dude, you can do what ever you want. It's little things like that, that make riding more fun and enjoyable.