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  1. Mr-Adventure

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    I think Australia is the only place you can still get a real E. Most everything is interchangeable mechanically with an S, except E doesn't have a thermostat and uses different radiators. Subtle differences with rear sub frame, exhaust mounting and tank mounts.
  2. Mr-Adventure

    Bent Triple Clamp?

    If you pull the lower triple clamp out and lay it on a flat surface, you will soon see if it's bent. Instead of touching evenly at three points, it will kick up a little.
  3. Mr-Adventure

    Spring rates for loaded ADV riding?

    What are your unladen and rider sag #'s? Ball park #'s should be, @ 100mm +/- 10mm of rider sag, unladen sag should be between 10 -25mm. You might want to measure your unladen sag with your camping gear on board aiming for 10mm of sag, then jump on and measure rider sag. But as you have had the suspension lowered internally, chances are100mm of rider sag is wrong and you might need to be closer to 80mm of rider sag.
  4. Mr-Adventure

    Mounting things below rear fender?

    You could fit a tool tube that would accept a fuel bottle, just being mindful of wheel clearance as it goes through it's arc. Or you could look into one of these. http://www.nomadtanks.com.au/product/tank3/
  5. Mr-Adventure

    Drz400E feels slow

    It looks like you need some more fuel with the snorkel out and free flowing pipe. You will need at least # 160 mj, maybe source both the EMN and the NCYR and see what feels best. There is also an EMR and EMP needles, I ran the EMR on standard bore and EMN on my 434 BB. I think in the cooler climes of the UK an EMN would work fine.
  6. Mr-Adventure

    Drz400E feels slow

    I would be putting in a #160 MJ along with a EMN needle. You didn't mention which pipe it has.
  7. Mr-Adventure

    DRZ 400 engine bearing numbers

    FYI, all the bearings, part number and dimensions are listed in the TT parts store fiche. https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=751923&manufacturer=5&category=5&year=2007&model=27153
  8. Mr-Adventure

    2002 klr 650

    Good solid bike within the design parameters, if you buy one it is worth going on KLR specific forum for advice on what needs attention starting with the doohickey fix. http://klrworld.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=144
  9. Mr-Adventure

    Change miles in a stock odometer

    If you buy a Vapor, you can program the odometer to reflect the mileage of your destroyed OEM speedo.
  10. Mr-Adventure

    unibiker guard wont fit

    Sounds like it's been a a right pain in the a$$, on the off chance, you didn't get the E model guards did you? I bought Force Accessories rad guards last time, perfect fit.
  11. Mr-Adventure

    WR400 front end on a DRZ400E

    Still cheaper to get your forks revalved and sprung. @ 49mm, nothing wrong with DRZ forks and are as good as any 43mm upside downers, SM or WR WR front end won't be plug and play, especially without a front wheel. Then there is no guarantee that the WR forks won't need springs, revalve and if you don't know there history, you might need seals and bushing's too. Not saying it's not a good project but don't expect it to be cheap or easy.
  12. Mr-Adventure

    messed up my warp 9?

    Internal spacer can't fall out. Whats the history of the wheel, have you had it since new?
  13. Mr-Adventure

    Need some help with gearing.

    Have a look here and you run a few different combinations. Gearing Commander: Motorcycle Speed, RPM, Chain & Sprockets Calculator
  14. Mr-Adventure

    messed up my warp 9?

    OK then, I have a picture in my head and it looks like the wheel is in the swing arm diagonally for the sprocket to clear the swing arm and not rub. So I'm thinking it's a spacer/bearing issue, in as much as the sprocket side hub is too close to swing arm, this is why I asked do you have the internal spacer. The internal spacer isolates the bearing centres from lateral forces and insures correct alignment of the disc and sprocket. So I suggest you inspect the bearings for smooth operation, confirm the internal spacer is present and you have the correct external spacers.
  15. Mr-Adventure

    messed up my warp 9?

    Yes, better to leave it too our vivid imaginations to construct a picture in our head from your concise description.