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    Engine will not come down to idle still......

    Have you checked to see if the slide plate is upside down? This is a common error. Terry
  2. Terry_in_Reno

    my 2000 wr 400 f needs help

    You should do a search for several topics. Not knowing what has been done, you'll have to check for these. 1. Grey wire 2. Throttle screw 3. Air box lid removal 4. Exaust baffel removal (stock) 5. YZ timing 6.Jetting (infamous!!) Guys, what else? Terry
  3. Terry_in_Reno

    Thumpertalk Pictures

    http://racerxphoto.com/images/races/vc6/30c.jpg There's always a trick. I just haven't paid attention. Thanks, Terry
  4. Terry_in_Reno

    Thumpertalk Pictures

    http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_viewphoto.asp?rid=2373 http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_viewphoto.asp?rid=2191 http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_viewphoto.asp?rid=2023
  5. Terry_in_Reno

    Thumpertalk Pictures

    OK, so I don't know how to post the photo, but here is the link.http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_search_results.asp Terry
  6. Terry_in_Reno

    Thumpertalk Pictures

    Virgina City GP April 27, 2002.
  7. Terry_in_Reno

    Virgina City GP

    Didn't get the attached first try, then try again. http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_viewphoto.asp?rid=2191 http://racerxphoto.com/rxp_viewphoto.asp?rid=2373
  8. Terry_in_Reno

    Virgina City GP

    Here are a couple of pics from the April 27-28 VCGP, Virgina City, NV. The trusty stead and I both finished 105 miles with no mishaps. Best race I've seen in years!!
  9. Mike, Just west of Laughlin up in the canyon is where the Best in the Desert and MRAN races are held. You'll find lots of riding just off the highway. Terry
  10. Terry_in_Reno

    Fuel Screw Question

    The 00 WR400 doesn't have to be de-octopussed. It came with the same carb at the YZ426. As Taffy said, try adjusting it. 1/8 to 1/4 turn will be noticable for a stock setup. If you have removed the airbox cover this may be all it needs. Terry
  11. Terry_in_Reno

    Ideal WR426 Off-road set up?

    OW595, I found that the WR with its wide ratio trans and heavier fly wheel made a perfect all purpose bike. Also, having a light to the off chance of getting catch in the dark is nice. If you are looking to purchase a larger YZ tank anyway, why not put it on a bike that will give you the best of what you want with out a large price impact. For an additional $80-$100 you can have a YZ seat for that tank. The suspension on the WR is not as harch as the YZ since it is aimed at the cross country set instead of motocross, so you may be close to the setup you want out of the box. You already know the YZ setup is harsh, but the package handles well. Imagine a plush suspension with the same geometery. MY 0.02 worth. Terry
  12. Terry_in_Reno

    Slime for avoiding flat tires?

    I've used slime for years and had great success. I have taken tires off to change and found that slime had stopped small holes. The small pump might be a good idea on a mountain bike tire, but your arm will be falling off before you finish pumping up a motorcycle tire. It would make do in a last ditch effort. I've ridden 50 miles in a rock race to finish without damaging the rim, if you take it easy 9 times out of 10 you don't have to change that tire until you get back to the truck. My 0.02 worth. Terry
  13. Terry_in_Reno


    Its a WR tank, so yes to the WR seat. I have use the WR tank and seat up until this last weekend and never though about it much, but I got a steal on a YZ tank and seat so I'm trying it out this weekend at the season opener. Looks like snow, this ought to be interesting. Terry
  14. Terry_in_Reno


    Glen, You have a private message. I'll let it go for $75 and shipping. Terry
  15. Terry_in_Reno

    i am switching pipes

    I have the power bomb and PCIV silencer with YZ timing and have found that the jetting suggested by FMF is very close, even with the 4000-7000 ft elevation I ride. See my signature for the details it should be a good starting point. You may find you can lower the main one size, but I've not run into the fouling or starting problems with this setup. Terry