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  1. RCN4HIM

    2015 Tom Morgan Racing 125

    Yes, Millennium gives him room to continue his Business as a separate entity
  2. RCN4HIM

    2015 Tom Morgan Racing 125

    trying to delete as it uploaded for some reason before I got anywhere?
  3. RCN4HIM

    2015 Tom Morgan Racing 125

    Bought a 2015 KTM SX125 with dealer support for last season and could not get the bike happy suspension wise for my son even with a revalve so I bought a 2015 YZ 125... Great suspension, just jetted down to 410, installed a shorty and a holeshot device and went racing. 52hrs without a problem (yes we did do clutch and piston for maintenance @ 25 hrs.) He'll be racing schoolboy/125jr. against the new KTM 125's so for 2016 we made the following changes - 2012 YZ450F swingarm, linkage & rear brake. New 2013 250F take off wheels. But... The icing on the cake is that I dropped off our cylinder and head @ Tom Morgan Racing and he did his race mods and we put the bike together with his jetting, FMF fatty and Vforce reeds... What a riot. The bike just rips and has more power everywhere. My son and I will be sharing this bike along with our 2016 YZ250F but I can tell you this will be the bike will be fighting over and he should have no problems with the KTM's! Bottom Line... Highly recommend Tom, very personable, very good communicator during process ( I could name names of the jokers who say their engine builders and will not deliver on time or even answer a email or phone call?)
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262015987829?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Wondering if anybody has experimented with running these on a vintage MX bike? Looking for options for my 79 RM400 and not sure they would have enough travel or beef to hold up the bike in race/riding conditions but sure am curious?
  5. Also be very careful adjusting sag... Yami has a aluminum collar on thier shock for preload and we have had a heck of a time moving the stupid thing without galling it up. We have never had a bike that was so hard to adjust preload, if you lubricate the threads then they fill up with dirt... Not a fan of the aluminum collar, worst thing about the bike
  6. Got a buddie who lives and breathes these bikes and has many dyno runs on YZ 125's and this is what he told us when we bought our 15... Fisrt thing is to get rid of the stock euro spec silencer, earlier model YZ factory one will wake the bike up, we went with a FMF Shorty and love it for moto. Pull the stock 430 jet and drop to a 410, these two cheap mods for us really woke the bike up and it sounds and runs completely different and pulls way harder and has increased over rev. He said the pipe that added the only horespower was the GYTR FMF as it is thicker gage and will show 3/4 hp, all other pipes they tested didn't change much over the stocker. He told us reeds are a waste of money on a new bike, some say they increase throttle response and may but he said they see nothing signifigant on the dyno with a properly tuned bike and he's never really noticed anything on the track with fresh stock reeds (He's a sic fast vet A rider)? His only reccomendation for further improving the bike on a budget would be having the cylinder ported/shaped by a good tuner and having the squish and head set/shaped up properly which only costs a little more than a new pipe that you really dont need And lastley... Run Yamalube R
  7. Bought one end of March, 47 year old vet rider, 11 hrs on it now... Son has a 15 SX125 and after jumping on mine off and on on practice days he has now commandeered it as his race bike and we have his SX on ebay. The suspension on this 15 YZ is one of the best we have ever ridden. Pulled off the euro silencer for a shorty, popped one more tooth on rear with new gold chain and dropped the rich 430 main for a 410 and woke the bike right up! $6,200 OTD was the best price I could get and they had to get the bike from Georgia... I did get a $150 Blue Crew card in the mail a month later to use for whatever so that helps... Thinking of picking up the 15 YZ250, I can get that bike for $7k OTD and then wait for a $300 Blue Crew card to come in the mail As a 190lb geared up vet rider I just finished 7th overall in a +40 vet race with 22 riders on the 125, nice groomed clay track, not much I couldn't do on that track that 450's are doing but... I raced a sand track with deep uphills and got killed by 450's there, hence the need for the 250. I got hurt on a 450 in 2012, love the 450's but not worth the risk of getting hurt at my age when things go haywire. My son (15) and I will be sharing the 125 and 250 but I will race the 125 in +35 vet 2t races whenever the class is available as the bike is a total blast!
  8. RCN4HIM

    2015 yz 125 better than 2014?

    We have a15 YZ 125 and a 15 SX 125, the 15 YZ has the new 250F Front Clamps and Valving... The front forks stock are the best forks we have ever ridden hands down right out of the box! The 15 also has the bigger pegs, the filter stays nice and clean in the new air box, has the adjustable clutch lever, better tires in MX52's... Our opinion is if you can swing the 15, go for it as it's a better bike and worth the price over a leftover 13-14 for sure!
  9. RCN4HIM

    Yz 125 What Was The Best Year Ever Made?

    2015, No other YZ 125 can possibly compare out of the box, this bike is sick and the suspension blows away anything we've ridden from any brand even aftermarket... (We have $600 invested in our 2015 KTM SX125 forks and they still can't touch the 15YZ forks!)
  10. RCN4HIM

    Suspension and Shocks

    Well our experience with 3/4" preload on our 230 pitbike allowed my 185lb frame to clear 50-60' tables without bottoming on the downslope, front tracked fine for me,cleaned up the excessive fork dive under braking. Owned a 78 RM 250 for some vintage racing a few years ago and the 230 forks were way better with the above mentioned mods and was good enough for me to finish midpack in a group of 30 vet riders beating 450's on a full blown moto track with the little 230 with our washer mod. Are other fork fixes better? I'm sure they are but most weekend warriors probably would be fine with the $5 mod ;-)
  11. RCN4HIM

    Suspension and Shocks

    Pull the fork caps off and find washers to fit inside the fork tubes between the fork caps and springs and add 1/2-3/4" or in your country 13-20MM of washers between to add more preload to the spring. This will work fine in a pinch and calms down the rear shock a bit so you can hit the moto track a little harder... It worked great for us. We went up on fork oil height and messed with different weights years ago and found stock weight & height had the best ride and 20mm preload did the trick for us and worked wonders... You'll be amazed how well the fork performs for so little money!!
  12. Good luck to you Firestone... Been discussing some of the tracks that we race at in a given year and a couple of my favorite have key jump sections that I'm sure a built 230 will not have the HP to clear so I'm kinda second guessing the 230 project right now as I'm not sure I want to slow down and give up the positions by not clearing these every lap...