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  1. socal996

    2017 FE450, back in the Husky Family!

    Thank you for responding. Mine is a 18 FE, so I think the same pipe setup. Will need to call back and see whats up.
  2. socal996

    2017 FE450, back in the Husky Family!

    Talked to Kreft today and the person I spoke with said the xTrig pre-load adjuster wouldn't work on the 450s due to the pipe. Have you experienced any issues with yours? Still happy with the setup? Cheers
  3. socal996

    Suspension Work FE 450

    Thanks for the responses. Just got it home and will need to see if I can get foot down with boots.
  4. socal996

    Suspension Work FE 450

    Picking up a new FE 450 this coming weekend if the star align correctly. First thing I plan to do, I know there is much to do, but first I'm sending the suspension off to be worked. Have basically narrowed my go to shop to either Konflict, or Kreft, and possibly Stillwell. Those with personal experience care to share your thoughts? I will be lowering the bike along with other recommended mods. Thanks
  5. socal996

    Short Guy on a FE 450

    Need some help/advice here. I've been looking at FE 450s and 501s (not that displacement matters) for a while and am ready to lay down the cash. BUT, I hadn't sat on one until today while I was at the dealer. To say they felt tall (which I knew) is an understatement. I may have changed my mind. I have a 28" inseam and have been talking to a couple suspension companies about lowering (which I knew would be necessary) the bike about 2 inches. Here is my concern, after sitting (trying to) on the bike I wonder if it will be low enough. I'm sure there are KTM/Husky riders out there with my inseam. Does this amount of lowering make the bike manageable? I would like to be able to get a foot or two down.
  6. socal996

    Post up a pic of your former bikes

    Sold this one to buy my DRZ
  7. socal996

    Super Sprox

    Just a heads up. Put a XR250 super spox 51 tooth and 14 tooth sprocket specialists set on the classifieds
  8. socal996

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    The pegs are RHK Pursuit from Australia, got them off the big auction site which was the only place I could find them. Only took a couple of weeks to get them once I finally pulled the trigger. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUZUKI-DRZ400-RHK-PURSUIT-FOOTPEGS-BLUE-00-12-/181150630365?pt=AU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a2d6b41dd The Zeta axle blocks are close, but not an exact match, I would say just a touch of purple. The people that make the pegs also make an axle block.
  9. socal996

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Added some bling and a headlight. Might need to make the headlight brighter
  10. socal996

    help! registration issues, should I part it out?

    Usually in CA a bike has to have at least 7500 (I believe) miles on it before you can register it from out of state, so you don't have that problem. Don't have AAA do you? If you haven't tried calling the DMV I would suggest that as opposed to going to one of their locations. I guess before parting out the bike, I would see about selling it whole. Try C-list maybe someone from a state that is more willing to take registration money would buy it. If you can, post a picture of the bike and others on this site can estimate its value. Good luck.
  11. socal996

    Not just another headlight mod

    It looks like a single wire that goes into the controller that comes with the ADVmonster setup. Its a little hard to see from this picture, but gives the general idea. I know there is power going to the light, so I think that narrows it down to the light being bad. Which is a drag since they are fairly expensive. Now, I need to decide on buying a replacement light or installing the OEM setup. I like the husky mask better and its a lot lighter.
  12. socal996

    Not just another headlight mod

    All the wiring looks good, maybe the light is just burnt out. Guess I'll call the ADVmonster tomorrow and check on getting a new one.
  13. socal996

    Not just another headlight mod

    Yep, that's it. I'll take a look at the wiring and see how it matches up. Thank you for the insight.
  14. socal996

    Not just another headlight mod

    Not sure how I stumbled on this string, but hopefully, I can find out some info. I have the ADVmonster light (model 60), and it stopped working. Not being a great wrench and having not done the install I'm trying to understand if the light is bad or something else is causing the issue. Is there a way to tell if the light is burnt out? I don't know how the wiring might have got messed up. The wiring only uses the low beam wire, the other wire coming of the unit (control unit?) next to the light is just there and not plugged in. By the way, it is the Husky headlight adapter kit. I'll probably end up calling the ADVmonster, but thought I would start here in hopes that it a relatively easy fix. These lights are expensive to replace. I don't run at night, but need something to be seen.
  15. socal996

    Asv levers

    Circling back on this thread...If one removes the clutch safety from the SMs, can you run the whole clutch side ASV assembly? if so, is there a certain part number in the C6s that is correct/best to use? Cheers