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  1. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    I wanted to try those. Seems as if they fix the exact same problems that I have with the bike
  2. Wouldn’t spend 100$ to make 30$ would you ?
  3. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Ya jgr uses really thin ones. I guess they believe the chassis is to firm aswell
  4. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Oh gotcha I might give it a try. I drilled some holes in mine ( got really bored ) but I don’t think I really noticed it
  5. AdamW21

    2019 Suzuki rmz250 rumors?

    Oh ya I get it. I know they sent the majority of them to jgr and bar x for racing.
  6. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    You removed one from the back and front ?
  7. Shhhh they are going broke tho and can’t afford to build a 100% all new rmz from the rubber up. Truth is they could if they wanted to but why ? Like said in the past dirtbike sales are a small part of everyone’s suzuki is making a killing everywhere else why spend money on something that isn’t going to bet a big return ? The beginning of this year suzuki was the MOST profitable auto manufacturer in the world. Yes that’s more then Honda Toyota Nissan ford and etc
  8. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Top as in head stay ? I have never heard of removing a bolt. I wonder if it has any negative effects on the motor mounts ?
  9. AdamW21

    Supercross TV schedule

    West tn huh. That’s where I’m at
  10. AdamW21

    2019 Suzuki rmz250 rumors?

    Really? Why is that ?
  11. AdamW21

    Anybody mod the stock 2018 RMZ 450 exhaust?

    The tires are the best improvement. I hated the bridge stones
  12. AdamW21

    Supercross TV schedule

    Also to add as for the delayed times. I think this is actually a genius idea. Before they started doing semi races and etc the time between motos was not that long. Now that they are doing triple crowns and semis and lcq’s and mains the time between every race is very far and there simply isn’t enough stuff to go on to keep people watching. With he being delayed a hour or so they can cut that out. Now they can show more racing in a 3 hour span then before
  13. AdamW21

    Supercross TV schedule

    April in Tennessee is normally very warm. The Nissan Stadium is just as big as any other floor and bigger then the baseball stadiums out west. Nashville will have a big attendance you can stamp it. Lorettas is covered with locals every year. A sx race in the state is 10+ years over due. And the parking for the stadium is great. They have several big lots right next to the stadium. Stl was terrible to park at. The traffic leaving there took hours because you had to go down town down one way streets to get back on the interstate. It was normal to spend 2-3 hours in traffic leaving there
  14. AdamW21

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    That’s crazy !! Although I don’t feel as if the bfrc is the best but fc has mine working. But then again haven’t rode the bike with a traditional style shock either. It might could change my mind Also I was saying try the bfrc because of rt telling you they have a set up for it.