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  1. Hello all, Im sure this question has been asked a bunch, but i am looking for some guidance. My 5 year old has been riding a CRF 50 for a couple years now, and we are looking to get him into racing. I want to make sure i get him the best bike for his age group to give him the best shot at being competitive in every race. The two bikes i am looking at are the Cobra 50 and the KTM 50. I am a die hard Honda fan, but my second would be a KTM. From what i have seen, a lot of the kids run the Cobras and the KTMs at that level, just wondering if anyone here has any experience with these machines, and the pros and cons of each. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hondafamily931

    04 Head Gasket Install

    Im going to replace the head gasket on my 04 this weekend. Anyone have any tips on the easiest way to install? I hope to solve my coolant overflow problem. Thanks.
  3. Im having a similar problem with my 04. I tried a high pressure cap, it slowed it down, but didnt stop the overflow completely. The only time it overflows is if i hit the gas, which leads me to believe it is the head gasket. If pressure is getting into the system via the head gasket, would there not be white smoke coming from the exhaust as well? Im on the verge of pulling the head, just wanted to avoid it if possible. Thanks.
  4. Hondafamily931

    Exhaust Valve Question

    Any suggestions on the shims for the exhaust valves. Im a little confused as to how to adjust. I had .220s in for shims, and was getting no clearance. Any suggestions as to the proper steps to take. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hondafamily931

    CRF 450 How to adjust the valves

    I have the head apart on my bike right now doing the valves. Anyone know if the shims can be different sizes on the two intake valves?
  6. Hondafamily931

    asv levers? how unbreakable?

    I have the C5s on my bike, i love them, and they will be the first thing i buy any time i get a new bike. Great upgrade!
  7. Hondafamily931

    04 Shim Kit

    Im going to shim my valves on my 04, a friend of mine has a 450 Suzuki, he says his shims will work in the Honda motor. Anyone know if this is true?
  8. Hondafamily931

    04 Coolant Overflowing

    My 04 450 is giving me a real headache. Im not sure why, but my bike keeps shooting coolant out the overflow at the top of the radiator. It only does it when I hit the gas, but it happens hot or cold, pretty much as soon as the motor starts running. Any ideas why this might be happening? Ive heard bad cap, but Ive tried a different cap, same problem. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hondafamily931

    04 450 Hard to Start

    I was afraid someone was going to say that. Is that something that will all of a sudden get bad? The bike was starting 3 or 4 kicks for the first few months I had it, now it is more like 10 kicks to get it started, and thats on a good day. Sorry for the ignorance, just not very familiar with the motor yet. Thanks again.
  10. Hondafamily931

    04 450 Hard to Start

    Im sure this question has been asked a bunch, but my bike is being a real pain to start. It seems to be getting worse and worse. I just replaced the plug, i tried cleaning the carb, but it is stubborn as can be. Any ideas? I just bought the bike about 4 months ago, I am used to my CR that starts on the second kick every time. Once the bike is hot, it starts really easy, but the initial start is rough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hondafamily931

    04 450 Leaking Coolant

    I have an 04 CRF 450, I rode my bike for almost 6 hours today, and i had to fill up my coolant 3 times. I cant find anywhere that seems to be leaking. I think it could possibly be at the pump seal, but like i said, i cant find any leaks or wet spots when i get back to my house. Anyone had this problem? Any ideas? I live in Florida, and it was hot today.
  12. Hondafamily931

    CRF 450, oil in the air box

    He did lay it almost upside down in a huge berm a couple of weeks ago. Could it have anything to do with the valves?
  13. Hondafamily931

    CRF 450, oil in the air box

    My buddy has an 03 CRF 450, and he called me this morning and said that he has oil in his air box. He is worried his rings might be bad, but other people say it might just need the valves adjusted. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  14. Hondafamily931

    Starting Age

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has kids who ride. Two of my boys ride, one is 4 and the other is 3. They both have a CRF 50. However, they both ride with training wheels, my 4 year old can barely touch the ground when i take the training wheels off. Anyone have any tips on the little ones learning how to ride? I have been trying to get him going without the training wheels, and he is getting better, just wondering if there is any tips from someone experienced. Also, just wondering what the average age when kids can start to ride. Or even when you started riding.
  15. Hondafamily931

    Cracked Reeds

    Thanks for the insight. I was looking around online and i found that the actual reeds are very inexpensive. Is it common for a break on just the reed itself? Im not very familiar with 2 stroke motors, so please bear with me on my questions. i bought a 450 a month ago, and i want to get my 250 all fixed up and put it on the market. I want to fix it for as cheap as possible, but without screwing the next buyer over.