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  1. YamaRider287

    Why did you pick that bike?

    Went with my YZ250 cause it's what's I feel the most comfortable on. I've rode several others of every brand minus the exotics and newer KTMs and I have just always felt at home on Yamahas. Went with a two stroke cause I grew up riding and racing two strokes, cheaper maintenance and easier to work on.
  2. YamaRider287

    Any 2015 bike news?

    Bold New Graphics on the Yamaha 2 stroke line
  3. YamaRider287

    Post your 2stroke pics here

    This ^^^. I'm hoping within the next 2-3 years to pick up new(er) ride. Been eye balling the Gas Gas XC 250. I drool over the one in stock at a local dealership every time I go pick up some premix
  4. YamaRider287

    Clear or tinted goggles?

    My Spy Klutch googles came with Amber and clear lenses. Liked the amber on the track . Hate them in the woods. Was hard to see lines in shade with them. I have sensitive eyes too and wear sunglasses on cloudy days . Bought smoked,blue, and yellow lenses. Have only used the blue thus far and like them a lot more in the woods. Always had blue lenses years back when I raced mx . Used yellow at night races.
  5. YamaRider287

    Post your 2stroke pics here

    03 Yz250. Getting ready to add some Cycra or Enduro Engineering bark buster and freshen the top end up:
  6. YamaRider287

    My Backyard Track..whatcha think? Suggestions

    Would love to have that in my back yard . I'd recommend making the track a little wider (seems pretty narrow, could be the camera?) and like you said, some water and a disc.. Post up the new changes when done!
  7. YamaRider287

    Allessi is like having a lapper on the first lap

    I got a kick out of this ..
  8. YamaRider287


    I never really understood why people think Barica is such a bad ass.. I've never been a for or against the guy. That being said , I'd rather see someone like Peick or Short or Tickle getting better results that JB. Seems likes ole BamBam has made a lot of enemies this year on the track .
  9. YamaRider287

    TORN Round 2 - Pro Class Helmet Cam

    That was added in while editing .. Solid riding
  10. YamaRider287

    Throttle stuck on 125 crash

    125s have plenty of grunt if you know how to ride them
  11. YamaRider287

    Allessi "the bottleneck king"

    1 beer per position lost? Just make sure you don't play with hard liquor. That would most likely result is alcohol poisoning
  12. YamaRider287

    Villopoto schools Stewart

    Well, this is awkward......
  13. YamaRider287


    I was hoping Peick would park J51 during the heat. The exchanges words after the race and Peick gave him a little elbow shove. I was hoping them two would hook up in the main. Speaking of the main, what happened to Peick in it?
  14. YamaRider287

    Reed's A2 ride vs. Stewart's Toronto ride

    True, but RV2 was 2nd thru first turn at Dayton before he passed Wilson in the 2nd corner and ran away with the race. Stewart came from what ? 10+ seconds behind leaders to grab a win by around 3 seconds?
  15. YamaRider287

    2 stroke repacking and noise

    Your bogging issue isn't caused by having or not have tape around your silencer packing. I'd start with carb/jetting/fuel ratio. Run some chop test and see what your plugs look like.