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  1. Is there a maintenance manual, in english, for the Lifan 200CC motors? I have one I bought for my cb125, and only 165 miles into breaking it in started making a severe grinding noise that got louder and louder as I tried to make it home until I finally stopped. I took the side covers off and the valve cover and there are zero signs of internal issues from there, so I guess I'm going to have to split the cases to find out whats up.... bummed after I thought I was good to go following a blown cb125 motor. :/
  2. NateZ426

    Help - Lifan 200CC front sprocket

    Hey all, I purchased a Lifan 200cc motor over the summer to replace the tired 125cc Honda in my cb. Having an issue finding a 16T sprocket for it. Was hoping my old sprocket would have just bolted up but the splines on the sprocket are too big for the splines on the shaft. I ordered a sprocket on ebay saying it was for a Lifan but it showed up the same as my old sprocket and won't fit. Ordered another from a different supplier and same thing. What gives? Anybody else run into this and know where I can get a 16T front sprocket? Thanks, Nate
  3. NateZ426

    KTM 560 SMR starting issues

    Well pulling the carb back apart is definitely next, I was less inclined to think it was that since I had just cleaned the carb real well the week before when I put the top end together, it only sat for a week. Of course I've seen crazier things happen, and your right, it is classic clogged pilot jet symptoms. If anybody else has any other ideas let me know. Hopefully will get to work on it a bit tomorrow morning. Nate
  4. Hey all, I've got a '06 560SMR that I recently did a complete top end rebuild on due to an overheat situation that led to a crack/potential warp in the cylinder. The entire head and cylinder was sent to Dave in Washington state for a complete rework. New piston too. Cleaned the carb when I put it back together too and gave it a new plug. When I got everything back (this isn't my first 4-stroke rebuild by the way) I put everything together and cranked it up. Ran fantastic. Road it for about 40 minutes total, shutting it down and starting it about 5 times in that period. No problems noted during this time at all. I never had problems starting it before the rebuild either by the way. Usually didn't need choke even. Due to weather and work, I the bike sat for about a week. When I went out to fire it up and do some riding I couldn't get it to fire up at all using the kickstarter (I do not have an E-start). Kicked and kicked and kicked, nothing. I finally pushed it down a hill and got it to fire, ran well, road it to the gas station to put gas in it. Sure enough, I couldn't get it to start again. With no hills in sight I had to push it home. Thought maybe I had flooded it but tried again to no avail when I was home. Today I did the following: Pulled the plug - looked fine Checked that i was getting spark - definitely getting spark Reset the valve clearances - they were slightly tight, but in any case they are good now and after all of that, it still will not start with the kick starter. I can get it to fire up pushing it down the hill, and it runs great when its running. Even when its hot it will not start with the kick starter. Anybody have any idea whats goin on here? Nate
  5. NateZ426

    TC or TE has wider clamps?

    lol... now Ive heard three different reports...
  6. 2004 model year and similar, which model has the wider clamps, TC or TE? I have read conflicting reports.... Nate
  7. NateZ426

    Need right hand 2004 Fork guard

    He is interested in selling them? Nate
  8. NateZ426

    Need right hand 2004 Fork guard

    Anybody? Really need a right one or a set. Can't find them anywhere on the net!! Nate
  9. NateZ426

    Need Help with jetting 04 tc450 Please!

    Did you check your valves? My 04 has stock jetting and runs rock solid other than richening up the fuel screw. Hard cold starting is a sign of out of adjustment valves.
  10. NateZ426

    Need right hand 2004 Fork guard

    Sounds good...
  11. (TE/TC/SMR) Anybody know where i can get one? Non on ebay for a while... motoplasticus.com doesn't have any for this year... Need a right side blue one, or i'd even do a set of yellows. 05+ guards won't work I think because the forks are bigger i think (50mm). Any help appreciated! Nate
  12. Depends on the year I guess. I have a 2004, installed it that way. BUT I should have installed it on the lower hose if it wanted to pick up the temp of the water coming OUT of the engine.
  13. NateZ426

    TC 450 Hyd. clutch line leaking

    No husky lines on ebay at the moment, but there are a bunch of KTM ones, they use magura clutch systems too, anybody happen to know if the fittings are the same size? Nate
  14. Clutch line is leaking fluid where the line goes into the banjo fitting (see pic) It's a 2004 bike. Is this a known issue? These things can't be re-sweged, crimped or somthing can they? Starting to get worse. Nathan
  15. I don't think the pipe coming out of the water pump the top of the radiators was the right one. I'm seeing temps in the 155-165 range here. Shouldn't it be closer to 200?