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  1. joecrf

    I got Hurt and got to sell the bike...

    Sorry Zak but at 17 years old, you don't understand. 14% sales tax on everything you buy with what is left of your paycheque after 40% of it is taken in tax. That is how our taxes work in Canada.
  2. joecrf

    08' great dyno test / new head is best yet

    off the show room floor and wow it's stout...36.4 on pump gas It's in his first line, assume 93 octane.
  3. joecrf

    DUNLOP 756 vs 756RR

    In the front, I would have to say yes. I went back to back with both recently and I feel it's worth the extra money. I have never used the RR rear.
  4. joecrf

    This isnt soccer now...

    The guy got landed on and waded big. I'm surprised he was able to walk to the side of the track. I don't see any soccer dive in there. Note: The guy that got landed on jumped right accross the track. Totally his fault.
  5. joecrf

    Tech 10 or SG10

    Tried both but bought the SG10's for the comfort and they are really lasting well. The sole is great too. Oh yeah, and cheaper.
  6. joecrf

    The Best Suspension Set up Ever

    TAKE IT EASY. You can get a revalve and respring by a REPUTABLE shop in the $600-$800 range.
  7. joecrf

    The Best Suspension Set up Ever

    A grand for a respring and revalve is robbery! Shop around some more.
  8. joecrf

    Respring and revalve turnaround time.......

    Fat Max in Michigan did mine in 3 days and a friends recently in the same time. Full respring and revalve.
  9. joecrf

    04' vs. 05' crf450r

    For $600 more the '05 is the way to go. I've had both and the '05 had many changes from engine to frame.
  10. One year? How many hours on the engine?
  11. If you are looking to spend 2g's upgrading the 02 I would suggest selling it and spending that money on an 05 or an 06. Nothing like breaking in your brand new bike though.
  12. joecrf

    Chain & Sprockets

    Just put on new 13/49 JT steel and DID ERT chain. I'm happy with the gearing and I had very little stretch after a 2 hour MX.
  13. joecrf

    New MRD Pro Comp

    Have you tested the db level? How does it compare to stock?
  14. joecrf

    SS Valve on Stock springs???

    You can tell just in kicking your bike over. The KW springs make it harder to kick. I just did mine a few weeks ago.
  15. I'm running the db dawg to reduce noise. I would also think this reduces flow as it's a plug in the exhaust. Should I expect to make any jetting changes and if so what?