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  1. I still want one.
  2. Longer and knob drilled with small holes or dished to lighten it up some would make it better. Still an improvement over the puny stocker.
  3. Spray it with some PB Blaster and wait overnight. See if it will move side to side by pushing it outward from center with a nail or awl. Careful of threads. Not much surface area at the end of those jets so it may move and drop out without much trouble. When they snap off above the threads is usually even worse. Good luck. Merry Christmas, happy new year, keep 'er sideways!
  4. I'm still looking for TK link and other trick parts. Anyone selling used or reproducing them?
  5. Any action?
  6. Anybody gonna make more of 'em?
  7. So who has tried multiple rev boxes from different aftermarket brand and made comparisons on track or dyno to the stocker Honda ? What were the results? Any preference or any change noticeable ?
  8. Check that your cable has enough slack and is not frayed or kinked or in a bind. Give it some lube if it is in good condition and make sure it is routed correctly. There may also be an external adjuster similar to CRF100 on yours, however I am not familiar with crf125. Check the easy stuff first before cracking open the case. Also make sure your chain and sprockets are in good condition. I have seen neglected sprockets slip teeth and feel jerky at shifting too.
  9. ...Aluminum fork caps, wheel spacers or clutch plates? You know, trick parts. Anyone ?
  10. Any progress on TK link specs, photos or sample? Were any trick aluminum linkage arms ever made for 100s? Aluminum kick levers, brake pedal, lower fork clamp, camshaft tower? Magnesium brake backing plates or engine covers?
  11. Check that your throttle cable has a bit of slack in it and is not in a bind under the tank or when turning the front end. Also make sure the throttle slide and needle assembly are installed correctly onto the cable and the cap is well tightened to the carb body. Simple stuff that is easy to overlook and also easy to check out and correct. Good luck!
  12. I would gladly buy a tk link and supply measurements, or the sample for reproduction. Heck, I would be interested in having an aluminum version of the OEM spec link and arms fitted with bearings to replace the stock cast iron slugs.
  13. I am also looking for recent info on this and other TK parts for CRF100.
  14. On mine the lever would not move upward when speed shifting trying to stay on top of the sand. This track had good, fast dirt leading to a near stop 90+ degree left hand off camber into 3 feet deep river sand. Needed to get on top fast and stay there. I think Al was right about the gear lash in sand conditions and flywheel effect. I don't recall ever having shift issues on solid ground or other conditions other than that crappy sand. Have not had time to ride again or check out star and plate yet. Thanks for all input!
  15. Thanks guys, I'm going to check out the shifter star and plate as suggested. I have not crashed this bike,... yet. Previous owner may have banged the shifter before I bought the bike. I appreciate the help, comments, and direction to the possible problem. Now go twist a grip and get some grins, Vance.