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  1. Can someone please advise me the correct procedure for removing the cylinder from an old DKW 125 Sachs engine without doing damage to otherwise undamaged fins. The four Allen nuts and head came off easily enough and the piston is in good shape and not stuck or seized. Turns over well. Just don't want to pry or bash it too hard and mess something up. Shot some PB blaster down the bolt holes and around base gasket. Been on there for 40 years probably. Did I miss something? Are there bolts from below? Do the side case bolts need be loosened like some old Jawa? Thanks for any tricks or advice shared.
  2. Do the jets and other carb parts interchange between oem and the cheapo?
  3. Handguard lever pivot?
  4. No joy?
  5. Looks right, pinit.
  6. Did you do a big bore kit on this bike? What disk front is on it? Very nice work!
  7. I still want one.
  8. Longer and knob drilled with small holes or dished to lighten it up some would make it better. Still an improvement over the puny stocker.
  9. Spray it with some PB Blaster and wait overnight. See if it will move side to side by pushing it outward from center with a nail or awl. Careful of threads. Not much surface area at the end of those jets so it may move and drop out without much trouble. When they snap off above the threads is usually even worse. Good luck. Merry Christmas, happy new year, keep 'er sideways!
  10. I'm still looking for TK link and other trick parts. Anyone selling used or reproducing them?
  11. Any action?
  12. Anybody gonna make more of 'em?
  13. So who has tried multiple rev boxes from different aftermarket brand and made comparisons on track or dyno to the stocker Honda ? What were the results? Any preference or any change noticeable ?
  14. Check that your cable has enough slack and is not frayed or kinked or in a bind. Give it some lube if it is in good condition and make sure it is routed correctly. There may also be an external adjuster similar to CRF100 on yours, however I am not familiar with crf125. Check the easy stuff first before cracking open the case. Also make sure your chain and sprockets are in good condition. I have seen neglected sprockets slip teeth and feel jerky at shifting too.
  15. ...Aluminum fork caps, wheel spacers or clutch plates? You know, trick parts. Anyone ?