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  1. kjclark7

    single tracks

    here's some single track from the Michaux Dualsport
  2. kjclark7

    Nuts in tank.

    and when you get them fixed, make sure you dont crank down on them when you put the shrouds back on. tighten the bolts on until they are lightly snug (don't crank on them) then put clear silicone on the head of the bolts. i've yet to have any back out or come loose. the previous owner schooled me on this little trick.
  3. kjclark7

    Stock Tank Range/ Fuel Pump Problem?

    could the fuel pump being dislodged be the culprit of the backfireing and hesitation i was experiencing on the beginning of a previous ride? the backfireing and hesitating worked itself out about 10-15 minutes into the ride.
  4. kjclark7

    Stock Tank Range/ Fuel Pump Problem?

    seems like the fuel pump could the culprit so i may have to take the tank off and check it out. but wouldn't the fuel pump have to move a lot for it to miss .4 gallons of gas? as far as the gas cap goes, is the rubber thing inside the cap necessary? what is the proper procedure in taking the tank off for a 08 bike? edit: i found a writeup on the tank and another confirmation on what happened to me today. http://onlytrailbikes.com/2011/05/01/ims-gas-tank-install-2008-husky-te-510/
  5. i picked up a used 08 te510 not that long ago and have been doing some riding. one of the things i have changed was the gearing. i dropped the front sprocket to a 12 tooth and the rear is the stock 47. the original owner advised me that he was getting 60-70 miles to a tank of gas (on stock 13/47 gearing) and i wanted to see what i would get. the last time i rode, i filled the tank and reset the trip. when i was out today, the trip read 33 miles at the start of my ride. when the trip hit 36 miles, the bike started to stall out. i was stalling out going downhill so i thought that there was a problem with the fuel pump/fuel injection, not lack of fuel (since i only went 36 miles so far). after the terrain leveled out, i was able to ride a few more miles until i outright ran out of gas. this happened at 40 miles on the trip. the bike stalled out and would not start back up. so luckily i was starting to head to a gas station so my push wasn't far. prior to filling the tank, i looked in and saw a bunch of gas in the tank. seemed like there was a few inches on the bottom. i then filled the gas tank to the top and only was able to put in 1.5 gallons. so in theory, i had .4 gallons of gas left in the tank. after filling the tank, the bike started up just fine and i rode off. the next thing i noticed on my ride (after filling up) is that my gas cap leaks. and at times it leaks like a siv. this could be why my last tank only got 40 miles to it. i may not have noticed it leaking last time. has anyone else had a problem with their stock gas cap? also, do i have a problem with my fuel pump since i had a bunch of gas in my tank but just wasn't getting any to the pump? on a side note, my fuel light never came on prior to running out or after running out. other than that, i am really enjoying the husky!!!
  6. kjclark7

    Rox Risers

  7. kjclark7

    Rox Risers

    just seeing how many of you out there are using Rox Risers on their Husky's? i am 6'5" and am looking for my bars to be taller and a little farther away from me. i know there are a ton of after market bars but i have Rox Risers on my GS and love them. just seeing if they hold up to the harsh world of dirt riding and if the cable length is a problem with them?. also...those of you who use them, are you using the standard ones or the anti-vibe ones. just to check, the bars are 1 and 1/8" right? i'm too lazy to go out and see for myself. thanks again.
  8. kjclark7

    Tubes are frustrating

    i was always told to not snug the nut on the outside of the rim because it allows the tube and stem to move around. if you do snug it down, your going to tear the stem away from the tube when it moves side to side while riding. something to think about.
  9. well thats about what it sounds like. just thought it was strange when i came back from a short ride to find something rolling around inside the tube. thanks for saving me the time of taking the tire off and re-mounting it. i guess there is no way to get the balls out of the tube anyway. they sound bigger than the valve hole.
  10. i just put new tires and some slightly used bridgestone heavy duty tubes that i got from my neighbor on my husky the other day. i set the pressure on the front to 13 psi and the rear 12 psi. i went out for a 15 mile ride in the rocks/mud and when i got back, i put the bike on the bike stand. upon me turning the rear tire, i heard something rolling around inside the tire/tube. i checked the tire pressure and thats about the same, maybe a pound lighter and the bead is set around the tire. so at first i thought that i must have gotten some dirt/rocks inside the tire from the ride but the more i turned the tire, the more it sounded like whatever was in there, was coming from the inside of the tube. so a few questions...first, what is inside the tube that sound like balls or marbles rolling around? second, should i be concerned or should i change out the tube? thanks.
  11. well i wanted to bring this thread back to life because i am having an issue with riding my husty te510 while standing up. i'm 6'5" and just don't feel comfortable while standing on the bike. i feel i am slouched over and just not in control of the bike. if any of you out there have changed up your bars, post of a pic of your setup. also let us know what bars you ended up going with and if you had any problems with cable length. i know fastway makes lowered pegs (not sure how much lower they go) and i'm looking out there for any bar risers. i'm keeping my options open but i am going to have to do something soon. thanks.
  12. kjclark7

    Chain Adjustment TE510

    i have yet to check/adjust my chain but thank you for all the input!! i actually ended up getting a 12 tooth front sprocket so i am probably going to be putting that on soon. besides the C clip on the front sprocket, any other things i should know about taking the front sprocket off?
  13. kjclark7

    Chain Adjustment TE510

    Thanks guys. Photos are worth a thousand words. Will check it when I get home. When you say taut, would u say a quarter inch movement or less?
  14. kjclark7

    Chain Adjustment TE510

    i'm looking to see what the proper slack on the chain should be for the te510. i understand how to adjust the chain but this being my first dirtbike, i don't know what the slack should be and how/where it should be measured. any help would be appreciated.
  15. kjclark7

    New to me Husky TE510

    would i have to get a longer chain if i run the 13/52 combo? Dan O, thanks for the tips and letting me know that the 12/47 combo be able to be run with the stock chain. as far as the stand up riding, i think its just something i have to get comfortable with on this bike. the times i've taken my gs offroad, i rode it while standing and felt very comfortable. i didn't have whiskey throttle and i felt in control. and thats on a bike that weighs almost 600lbs. i'm guessing that its just me and my confidence on a small, lighter, powerful bike thats making me be apprehensive. thanks again guys, keep the info coming:thumbsup: