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  1. Hi, Just got new top end, valves and springs replaced on my 05 CRF450. I was told that Honda OEM stock parts were used. I am unable to get the bike to kick over as it did before or even when brand new. I also asked some other to try and had same idea. Kick started will not go down unless you find top dead center with the kick start and then do a kick. You basically cannot kick it unless it is in top dead center. Feels like it has too much compression. Once you find top dead center it will kick over and runs pretty good. Any idea what may be causing this? Thanks!
  2. mxfever14

    Question on CR *% Piston (Wiseco)

    I just did my first top end and haven't put everything back together yet. I put in a wiseco as well. I wasnt sure if I had an exhuast bridge so I looked at the piston I removed and it didnt have holes. I guess I better open it back up and drill holes. Does anyone have the size and location of what the holes should be. The instructions that came with the piston had them but I no longer have the box.....
  3. mxfever14

    RC Valve Oil Seal

    Thanks...... I will order the Honda seal and see if it works....
  4. mxfever14

    RC Valve Oil Seal

    Hi, I have a 2002 CR250 and that I got in pretty bad shape. I bought a service manual and started going trough the bike. I did the top end and got a gasket kit from RockyMountainatv. It is a tusk kit that has all the gaskets including the oil seal that should push into the rod that extends from the RC or power valve cover into the flappers. I cannot figure out how to get the oil seal pressed into the hole to make it flush with the wall so I can install the little stopper piece. The old seal was gone but that might have been from the chemicals I used to clean the cylinder. It might be that the tusk kit has the wrong oil seal but every other gasket it came with is correct. Anyone have an idea of how to get that seal pushed in? Thanks!
  5. mxfever14

    Gearing for an 05 CRF450?

    Yes stock is 13/48. 13/49 is really good. Makes 3rd a little stronger. I think I will stick with 13/49. Thanks!
  6. mxfever14

    Gearing for an 05 CRF450?

    Hi Everyone, I am about 190 and ride mostly MX. Anyone have a sprocket combo they recommend. I currently have 13/49. I didn't notice a huge difference when I went from 48 to 49. Some guys at the track are running 14/52 and said its close to stock but has other advantages. Not sure what those are? Thanks!
  7. mxfever14

    05 crf 450 exhaust

    I got the Pro Circuit Ti-4. It is sweet but pricey and comes with a spark arrestor screen. Its really loud so I wouldnt get it if you have a db level restriction.
  8. mxfever14

    05 450 jetting question

    I have a similar setup with the ti-4 pipe. I have the JD kit but before I got it I put in a 170mj with the 4th position on the clip and it ran really good. The JD kit helped also. Zip Ty screw helps you fine tune the decel popping as well. Good luck
  9. mxfever14

    my 05 crf 450 wont start

    I had alot of trouble with mine popping when I got it. I got the JD Kit and it fixed the problem. Richen it up with the fuel screw and maybe put a 170 mj instead of the stock 168. Mine ran better with that before I put in the JD Kit I have the zip ty Fuel Screw and that helps to fine tune it. I still have trouble starting it but I just havent got the hang of it yet. The popping is gone for now.
  10. mxfever14


    The Canadian and US had same tires and jetting this year. Dunlop 742 front 756 rear 168mj
  11. mxfever14


    I got my 05 from them in October and aside for the delays in shipping which seemed to even be affecting US Dealers, It was a great transaction and saved my about $800 from the prices here in Phoenix. They have raised their prices $400 since I got mine so it may not be as good of a deal now. As far as it being different than the US Models, I am not sure. I have a two buddies who bought local and they seem identical to me. Same tires, same jetting, same suspension.
  12. mxfever14

    Complete Seat for the 05

    Anyone know if there is a complete seat with cover out yet for the 05?
  13. I am thinking of getting some black excels for my 05 450F and all the sites I have seen that have the wheels show that the fit 02-04. Anyone know if the 05's are the same? Thanks!
  14. mxfever14

    2005 exhaust question....

    How the heck do you add a pic? I got a deal on the Pro Circuit system. Doubt I would have paid full price...
  15. mxfever14

    2005 exhaust question....

    I just put on the Pro Circuit Low Boy Ti-4 system and it is awesome. I rode with it once and could really tell a difference. It also looks awesome. Almost hides completly behind the number plate!