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    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    http://goo.gl/maps/PAKPW Hope the link works,the pic was taken at the north east corner of Five Mile Lake. I live just off the Lucasville Rd. Knee is a lot better than it was but will probably never be 100% again.

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    I was off the bike scouting out a water crossing a fell down while walking down a small incline. My right foot slipped out and I fell backwards and sat on my left heel. It felt like someone had hit me above the left knee with a baseball bat. I thought I had broken it at first the pain was so severe. All I could thing was I have to get back on the bike before my leg got too stiff. The pain was without a doubt the most I have experienced in my 51 years, I was nauseated and came close to passing out during the ride home. It is not healed 100% yet, I can walk and ride but have trouble with stairs and can't run. The accident happened on June 19th and I just got booked for an MRI on March 3rd. If it requires surgery there won't be much riding for me this summer.

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    My 2014 about 15 minutes before I tore a tendon in my left knee

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    Turned 50 in October, picking up my belated birthday present (new '14) on Saturday morning.

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    It depends on the amount you are shortening the fork travel. If you are using a 2" spacer (which will shorten the fork travel by 2") for example you would need to move the spring seat up the same amount.

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    That's correct, I want to keep it at the stock preload.

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    I have an heavier rate spring that I am going to use. I am moving the spring seat up so that there won't be preload on the spring.

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    I removed the crimping with my dremel and now the seat can be removed. I couldn't bend the crimping back without doing some damage to the cartridge tube, so now the seat will just butt up against the C-clip, I'm wondering if this will be strong enough without the crimping over top of the C-clip.

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    Not having any joy with moving the spring seat down to get at the C-clip.
  10. FJRKLR

    Shortening/limiting fork travel

    I have mine disassembled, but I don't see a circlip on the spring seat. The spring seat is loose and I can turn it by hand but I can't figure out how it comes off. If I can't move the spring seat then I will get someone to cut down my spring, it needs to be a little heavier anyway.
  11. Hi I have a pair of forks from an 06 YZ250F (kayaba SSS) that I would like to shorten a little. The forks will be installed on a KLR650 and I want to reduce the travel to bring it more in line with the travel of the stock forks. I have read that i need to use a spacer somewhere on the fork internals but I am not sure where it is to go exactly. Can someone tell me where the spacer is supposed to go or have a picture showing it's location?
  12. FJRKLR

    Front wheel spacers

    Yes I am trying to put an 03 wheel on an 06 bike but something is not quite right. My brake side spacer is 20mm long which is correct for 03 up to 06, part # 5NY-25183-00-00 but in order for my caliper to fit the rotor it appears that I need to remove about 5mm from the spacer or find another spacer of the correct length.
  13. I have an 03 wheel that i am putting on a set of 06 forks. What spacers do I require to make this work is it spacers from an 03 or an 06? Also anyone know what the length of the axle spacer on the rotor side is for both these years? Thanks.
  14. Could someone with an 06 YZ250F measure the length of their front axle spacers for me please? I think I have the wrong length spacers as the hub can move side to side about 3/8". My hub is made by Pro -Wheel, does that hub require different spacers. I have sent a email to Pro-Wheel as well but have not heard from them.
  15. FJRKLR

    Shorter KYB fork springs

    Is there a thread with instructions pic's of this process?