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  1. hardhitwarrior

    YZ250 Piston Locks When Cylinder Nuts are Tightened

    One theory i have. Are you sure that you installed the crank assembly patiently and not hammer it in and deformed the balance of the crank halvs webs? It could be unbalanced already from wiseco.
  2. hardhitwarrior

    boyesen duel stage reed install?

    discard the OEM stoppers. use the bars that came wth the package from boyesen.
  3. hardhitwarrior

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    not really. baby is coming a couple months from now. need to save up for medical bills for the wifey and equipment for the baby
  4. hardhitwarrior

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    putting up my KTM for sale
  5. hardhitwarrior

    Post pics of your CR's

    i do still have the other one with the boyesen ported cylinder. that will come up for sale in a short while after im done selling the KTM. hows your CR doing?
  6. hardhitwarrior

    Post pics of your CR's

    sold my cr250 2001 the other day. :cry:
  7. hardhitwarrior

    2001 CR250R studders when you crack it, please help!

    you dont need to compensate and play the nozzle and the needle. thats why you do get to change teh nozzle to compensate for the richer needle. i use S4 with stock needle on 2nd clip. bike never bogs/blubber/load up and has power everywhere. i dont even rejet anymore.
  8. hardhitwarrior

    '06 CR250 engine; followed the recipe, lost the mid range

    camp, whats your take on 250 sx 2003 KTM?
  9. hardhitwarrior

    Look what followed me home!

    You have a very dangerous and some serious bike there. Try adjusting the engaging pin of the clutch perch so it pushes more fliud thru the the hydraulic clutch.
  10. hardhitwarrior

    2002 CR250R unusual exhaust noise

    its normal. all CR even yz have whirling sounds in the motor just at the exhaust port.
  11. hardhitwarrior

    Going to split my case

    torque wrench
  12. hardhitwarrior

    Maintenance question--countershaft seal

    All of you are correct about the grease. But yall forgot one thing. The oring neeeds new one. Replace that and i garantee you it will fix it.
  13. hardhitwarrior

    60:1 :-/?

    If manufacture of oil says can be run in 50:1. Does this really mean it can be run MAX 50:1? Like lucas oil.
  14. hardhitwarrior

    new top end with out starting

    hahaha oh in that case now i do. anyways, there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of it being bad at all aslong there is oil to preserve the metal.
  15. hardhitwarrior

    new top end with out starting

    I dobt believe you. I made a full top end on my bike and started it for the first time one year after. Not a nehative thibg happened.