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  1. Good question kxmotocrosser! I think Dungey is one of the hardest working guys in the biz. Dungey is comfortable. He reminds me of Windham. They are superfast but they just don't seem to have that killer instinct week in and week out. They just don't have that punch you in the mouth type of attitude. But...when they decide they don't want to be beat, they won't be beat. And there's nothing you can do about it. I call Dungey the "Be-There" guy. Stewart recently said you know "dungey's going to be there." Team Kawasaki, along with Villopoto view Dungey in this same light. Decoster does also! People can "box" you in. Your competition can "box" you in. When they see you they know you're only going to do but so much. To beat you I only have to do "this" much. When RD is ready to be the dominat rider out there then he will be. If not, well you're seeing the best of what DUngey has to offer. The season is just getting started. We will see.
  2. It's good seeing Alessi get up there. Ain't nobody else trying to push the issue. Weimer, Short, Tickle, Grant, and Brayton aren't doing anything. Sitting back crying about why their seasons didnt live up to expectations. I'f Dungey was around me I'd be thesame way. Get the hell out of the way. You have the whole track.
  3. Ryno's got way more heart than most of the guys out there. That's for dam sure..
  4. Alessi on the podium! Idk, the second place inhabiter better watch out. It used to be that a second finish should worry the 1st place finisher because the second place guy wants the 1st place guys spot. Is that the case anymore? Or are second place finishers just happy to get second? What happened to Malcolm "no-show" Stewart? Did he even race the other day. I think he got last or the second worst finisher of the day. Yo Mookie, how come ain't no brothas up on the wall?? Malcolm you're not even a "good C" rider. You're a D rider. The funniest quote I have ever heard by a motocrosser's parent. Big James is a comical dude. Who took my mule and crashed it into the lake? Pro Circuit is back. It seems like pc has lost some mojo when it comes to supercross anymore? But as we all know "the Outdoors" is where its really at. I'd take a National title anyday vs. a Supercross title. For Real!! There are too many injuries from the Supercross season. I think 50% of the riders are out due to injury. Literally!!
  5. I will check into it!! Just some tid-bit info.. Comcast owns a majority stake in NBC Media Co. which explains why the second moto can be seen on Comcast, which is what I have.. Comcast used to own versus. Alli Sports is a division of NBC Sports division. Direct tv is "public company" traded on the Nasdaq & S&P and their "rival" competition are cable providers and other satellite networks like Dish Network. And Fueltv is a division of Fox network. So basically 2 motos were for sale...
  6. because Emig works for Allisports! I think the fees are fueling a division of NBCsports, ticker symbol on the stock exchange. I think they are seeing an opportunity with the 23% viewer increase from the previous year. People cant see the commercials the shows offer if we're not watching the race. I just hope NEW YORK doesn't EXPLOIT the sport like the energy drinks have. Monster pretty much got its start in Supercross... Open your eyes bruh...It's starting to be about money more and more..
  7. What did we have to do to watch the race and how much was the package?
  8. To all of the MEdia people who want to Corner motocross VIEWERSHIP!!! Don't start messing around with well, you have to buy some type of APP program in order to watch the race on TV. Don't start getting greedy because YOU guys want to MAKE MONEY and drive your some ticker symbol...You too EMIG!! If I have to wait to watch the race on youtube then I will and I won't be supporting your individual companies, respectively. Racing will go on, but you won't receive my financial support. Don't *uck the sport up Coombs, FIM, FELD, ALLI, FUEL......
  9. That show 'inside the moto', RV stated when they were at Pala that the long whoop sections' bumps were SQUARED off and prior to the second moto Kawasaki recommended that those bumps be rolled or fixed. Like RV said, 5th gear pinned and you hit those things it literally at full speed like BAM!! But I know THAT'S racing!! The point is YES the track could be MADE SAFER!! I'm not saying easier or like a TT track but they could be safer. Safety doesn't mean your less than a man. Safety is COOL!! THERE ARE WAAYYY TOO MANY INJURIES!! There is a problem out there..And many believe inluding Carmichael, Reed, Villopoto and many more believe the tracks could be MADE safer..
  10. WHew!! That's a tough question?? I wouldn't bet on Mike plain and simple. But at this stage in his career I think he's finally ready to do some damage. He had a great Supercross season for sure. Mike's in a tough spot..because Stewart and Dungey are crazy fast.. That's a tough damn question... Mike needs to get in there and mix it up with those two, Get in there and I think he'll find that its not as scary as he may think and discover thats a better place to be.
  11. If you NOTICE most of the injuries are in what class- the 450 class!! hmmnn...the Lites class is pretty much INTACT and ready to GOOOO for the outdoors.. Basically take the DRAMA out of the track design- and it will be SAFER for all and maybe we can see those guys for the Nationals too. Like supercross is screwing the outdoor national promotors because they pretty much annihilated the whole damn field. Take out those kickers before each turn, those on and off tabletops are ridiculous. On a triple jump if i decide to double and you decide to triple what's going to happen?? We're going to crash on the last triple jump..the same thing happened to Canard who missed a jump, the next guy couldn't see that far ahead, took the jump and Canard was right there, whack!! Everyone else is "evolving", equipment, going green, noise reductions, emissions, whatever. Track designs shouldn't produce more injuries but less!! So therefore there is a problem!!
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