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    I love the road less traveled from back country roads to trails through the woods
  1. Check out Moto Minded head lights. They use Baja Design LEDs and are plug and play. I’ve had them on mine fore almost 10,000 miles of hard ridding.
  2. Unfortunately my GoPro somehow got set to take pics for most of Sundays ride. I did manage to get a little video though. We had a bunch of freshly cut trail that was awesome. Patty broke her foot and rode out like a boss and wa in better spirits than most would have been.
  3. It brings your focus in on what your ridding but it’s way harder to pass someone because you only see whats right in front of you.
  4. Finally got done editing video from the Gut Buster 24. It was a muddy mess. The video doesn’t do it justice. If you look on either side of the ruts you can see 2 more smaller ruts from everyone feet. You couldn’t keep you feet on the pegs. At the end there’s a little slow o to show how deep the mud was. It was touching my sprocket. They ended up calling it at 12 hours.
  5. offroad

    Anybody here racing the Off-Road cup at the end of March?
  6. offroad

    The track was so brutal they called the race at 12 hours and we took 2nd in our class and 10th overall out of 58 teams. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a week. I guarantee my 220lb bike weighs 500lbs because of all the mud.
  7. offroad

    Thanks for all the good info. The good thing is we each ride our own bikes. The promoter says it won’t be postponed so I hope he is the land owner too. I’m just hoping we can Finnish. Everyone in our team are mid to upper B riders and in decent shape but that can go out the window real quick in a race like this I’m sure.
  8. offroad

    That’s about what we figured. We are planning on running 2 laps then switching. Our main goal is to have someone riding the entire time and Finnish. This is a first for everyone on the team so it will be quit interesting.
  9. offroad

    this is my first 24 hour race. I can’t imagine doing it ironman. we are doing a 5 man team. I’m the oldest by over 10 years and 20+ over the younger on the team. It should be interesting to say the least.
  10. offroad

    Callisburg TX
  11. check out Eastern Missouri Trail Riders on Facebook. There’s always someone riding somewhere. a bunch of good guys too. well for the most part anyway. lol
  12. There is tons of great single track in MO. you just have to know where to look. then you through some headlights on the bike and it’s a whole new world.
  13. offroad

    anybody running the gut buster 24 this weekend? It looks to be a good ol mud race.
  14. I put my Moto minded Pro on 3 years ago before a trip to UT. Just in case we ended up out later than planned. It payed off but more importantly like you I do mostly day rides and have noticed a something much more important. These things are better than any “loud pipes saves lives” want a be could ever ask for. people notice you even in the daylight with these things. one of the best safety mods I’ve done.
  15. I’m running the super bright lets 6” offroad light bar, a $2.00 amazon special led replacement bulb & the task helmet light. the 2 that hook up to the bike draw a total of 20w. the old stock light drew 35w.