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  1. mcnut

    Enduro Clubs Around Indianapolis?

    The Muddobbers event shown on the flyer is a must-attend event if you want to ride the best single-track in Central Indiana!
  2. mcnut

    Will Gas Gas go Bye Bye?

    No inside info. I just read all that's available and find it ridiculous that they seem to be portraying that making a deal with the few employees they have is going to dig them out of the hole. The few employees that got them in the shape they're in are in management.
  3. mcnut

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    I have the Q-11 metering rod & I'm at 58 clicks from full rich, I think. During the winter, I played with my knob during temp/humidity variations and I might have lost track.
  4. mcnut

    Will Gas Gas go Bye Bye?

    Yeah. The employee issue is only the tip of the iceberg.
  5. mcnut

    Will Gas Gas go Bye Bye?

    The May issue was likely written in March. The article has zero bearing on the current situation in Spain.
  6. mcnut

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    They had me scheduled for surgery before I even got to see the x-ray. I asked the Dr if surgery was really necessary. He replied, "Only if you want to walk again." Oh yeah, I did not have to trim the intake boot on my bike.
  7. mcnut

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    I have a '14 250RR with a 38mm die-cast SmartCarb. I am extremely happy with it. Instantaneous starting, cold or hot. 15-20% increase in fuel mileage. Strong bottom end, smooth across the rpm range, strong on top. APT customer service was superb while helping me work out a couple early bugs. I've put about 800 miles on my bike since swapping out the Keihen last fall. Aside from the benefits I listed above, I am confident again. I've had too many stuck throttles on too many PWK's, including the one that caused this:
  8. We ran Warp 9 Racing wheels for 3 seasons including the 2010 National Enduro Series. They were awesome. Had no issues. Spokes are heavier than OEM and stayed tight after initial break-in. We've switched to GasGas now. I have a brand new set with black rims and chrome hubs I need to sell: http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=67313&cat=28 If interested send me a pm.
  9. mcnut

    Honda SL70

    That is a beautiful machine that I would never own. I have to ride them!
  10. mcnut

    Honda SL70

    My Dad bought my first motorcycle (SL70K0, yellow) for me when I was 13 for $425 out the door. I was too big for it when I got it. Still I beat on that poor thing for 3 years! It died a horrible death. After several years of looking for an SL, I found two. One was a non-runner. The other had 972 miles on it in 1993. It now has over 2000 miles on it. I was going to do a restoration but a wise man told me "they're only original once". So it's still all original and never been restored. Here's a picture from a few years ago.
  11. mcnut

    Front Trials Tire

    Read my post here regarding a front TT: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=855432&page=10 Don't do it unless you never get past 2nd gear!
  12. I had a pair of ski boots that suddenly suddenly fell apart and a year later my wife's ski boots did the same thing. They were at least a decade old though. The eco-nuts would have us believe that plastic lasts forever in the landfill. Perhaps not! Regardless, you would think A-stars would want to get the boots back to see what went wrong. I used to be an A-star wearer, until I slipped on some Gaerne SG-10's. They are incredibly comfortable and hold up to the abuse of enduros much better than Alpinestars.
  13. mcnut

    Reed's A1 DNF

    I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  14. mcnut

    Reed's A1 DNF

    Yeah but they didn't know that when Reed jumped off his bike and went to the motorhome. That considered, you are probably right. It would have taken too long to get Chad back on track.
  15. mcnut

    Reed's A1 DNF

    I did listen to the broadcast, and I caught all that. He "finished" 19th by quitting when he did. Look at the results: http://www.amapromail.com/pdfresults/sx/2010/01-anaheim1/sxm1ovr.pdf He could have finished 17th if he went back out. Every point counts!