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  1. I have the Q4 on my Rally and Beta. This post was on the Rally
  2. FYI I weighed the stock and the FMF. FMF is 6lbs lighter.
  3. I sure did. Thanks!
  4. 2015 390RR
  5. Finally got my exhaust on.
  6. Do a different kind of riding. Helped me
  7. 390 motor is amazing! Lug it or wind it. It does it all.
  8. If you have not ridden the 390 try to. You will be shocked how light it feels. Been riding mostly 250f for years. 450 felt to much. The 390 is an amazing compromise!
  9. Have chp sign off
  10. Kenda Trakkmaster is my choice
  11. Just got back from Baja with it. Rode 650 miles of all types of terrain. This IMO is the best combo. Will run 70mph on flat ground and gearing worked well in single track and the rocks.
  12. I did the DRC. No issues yet. I weighed the stock after removing. It was 3.7lbs. Good weight savings
  13. Just finished 650 miles in Baja. Bike did well after race tech springs and Trakkmaster tires.
  14. No. Almost 1 lb
  15. Just weighed stock light with signals and all. 3.7lbs. Quick way so shed some weight.