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  1. hondaxr650rrrr

    Should I change tire?

    If you flip it you will lose a LOT of braking until the oposite edge of the tire squares off. First time out "wheres my brakes?"
  2. hondaxr650rrrr

    Project 2001 XR650R Build pics

    Rear wheels on 650Rs are about as stout as tissue paper. I taco'd both front and rear in one hit while riding one handed (scary, don't ask). Go aftermarket.
  3. hondaxr650rrrr

    YZ250 woods AND MX machine - possible?

    Leave the handguards on. Overheard in the pits "You got passed by the guy with Barkbusters". True story.
  4. That XR200 is SWEET, DUDE! The XR200 is underpowered for a dual sport. They make a fantastic woods bike. i have a go cart powered by one and it is almost the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  5. hondaxr650rrrr

    Tell me what did I get

    I personally would add wider pegs. Your feet will thank you. I prefer IMS, but the choice is up to you. Nice bike.
  6. hondaxr650rrrr


    My 17RX starts every time without pulling the knob, try it.
  7. hondaxr650rrrr

    Broken leg with rod

    That rod has been in over 20yrs and I have no health ins.
  8. hondaxr650rrrr

    Broken leg with rod

    I have the same rod in my right leg. It was broken in the Pontiac Silverdome by some yahoo who got whiskey throttle and rode into my side. Previous poster is correct about being a bitch to remove after another break. Mine is still in place and causes pain for a few days when the weather turns in spring and in fall.
  9. hondaxr650rrrr

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    There is a video on youtube of a guy in Baldwin MI hitting a bear while riding.
  10. hondaxr650rrrr

    1986 CR250 RESTO

    The first bike I ever bought brand new was a 1986 CR250. Great bike, and better forks than a '89-90. Sadly I wrapped it around a tree.
  11. hondaxr650rrrr

    2000 XR650R slumber

    I have three XR650R's. I love them. And I also like the looks on the KTM riders faces as I pass them in the woods.
  12. hondaxr650rrrr

    Glasses and Goggles

    I wear Oakley OTG goggles over my glasses with ventilated lenses. The vented lenses help a lot.
  13. hondaxr650rrrr

    Good short-man fast dirtbike?!?

    Build a bad ass KDX 200. Great bikes with a low seat.
  14. hondaxr650rrrr

    Does this sound like Power valve rattling

    I like the idea of running a little race gas to boost octane. You will know as soon as the float bowl is cleared of old gas. I have had many bikes detonate because of the low rpm's that I ride in. Are you running a 92-93 octane?
  15. hondaxr650rrrr

    Pics from 1986 XR100R Restoration

    Great job, but I would have chosen different tires.