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  1. Quick update - saw ortho on Monday and he says things should heal up nicely without a lot of ligament damage. I'm back for a set of follow up x-rays and final consult with him (assuming all is good) in 2 weeks time. He expects that I should be able to bear full weight at that stage.
  2. Thanks for all the info folks. Just had a follow up with another ortho (the one who did the operation is on the other side of the country). He says that given the length of the fracture, it should grow back nice and strong. No need to remove screws, unless they are causing problems. In that case, removal after 1 year. Can start putting more weight/pressure on the leg now and after 6 weeks in total put full weight back on and start returning to exercise. Follow up x-rays to be done in 2 weeks. Broke my left ankle as a 18 year old (pole-vault accident) in 5 places and that healed up just fine. I'm not a young one anymore (well, my body isn't but my mind is still 18;) but expect a solid recovery. Take care out there
  3. I broke my ankle (Weber-C fracture) that has had ORIF on 20-September. No cast post operation and walking around on crutches at the moment with mild pressure on the damaged ankle. A couple of questions as follows: 1. How long should I wait before getting back on my bike (endure/on road) 2. Will the screws result in weaker bone i.e. should I get them removed as I both ride and parachute? I've attached the pics of both the break and the fix in place.
  4. No need to remove the seat to refuel. Fuel filler cap removal is all that is required. However, if you plan on riding off road, one of the first things you'll want to do is replace the filler cap with a screw cap and neck to keep mud/dirt out of the tank. To remove the seat, there is a tag below the tank that you pull. As for panniers, there are numerous options (KTM, Touratech, Rally Raid Products UK) as well as soft luggage (better for off road) - I have both. Rally Raid Products make a large assortment of aftermarket parts, including larger fuel tanks, fairing for touring and rallies, etc. Re-mapping is required if you change stock exhaust to an Akra or other. My bike has 13k miles with Akra exhaust and mapping since day one without a mapping related issue. My inside leg measurement in 30" and I have no problem with seat height on my 'R' - the new 2013 models are lower. As far as reliability goes; it's been pretty darn good - normal regular valve adjustments, oil changes and only 2 problems. One was related to my relocation of the coil (poor earthing), and the other a failure of the automatic cam chain tensioner (cheap to replace). Others have had an assortment of other problems; but don't forget that people don't post in forums to tell everyone how good things are going - they're mostly looking for advice/help on a problem.
  5. Hey that's my bike! Now has almost 12,000miles on the clock. Aside from some valve adjustments has been solid. The RR kit added a problem, but easily fixed once I found it. Really do like the added comfort the fairing adds and the mileage between fuel stops. The folks at RallyRaid UK are really great and they really stand by their kit
  6. Had a perfect running bike which suddenly started behaving erratically. Thought I needed to do some tuning, clean fuel filters, etc. started with the idel reset, but bike died after 5 mins. Started again and ran for 10 minutes. Next day, no problem. Day after dead on the side of the highway. Long story short, turned out to be a poor earth connection to frame. Cleaned up and bike is back to solid running without issue. I could have gone down a long painful route of trying different mappings, retuning, trying different things, but the fault was really quite basic.
  7. Time to replace the regulator by the looks of things. I'd do so before it fries something
  8. RJB

    What do you think of your 2008 YZ450F?

    Love my 08. Just wish I could get out and ride it more
  9. RJB

    The 690 Picture Thread

    What's better than a pic of a KTM690? 3x KTM690's (and a token BMW for good measure) Some pics from Borneo Tip of Borneo Deep in the jungle somewhere First 'run-in' ride in Sarawak Got it back to Europe and had it stolen in a week So got me a new one and now it looks like this (thanks to the guys at Rally Raid for taking the pic)
  10. RIP Marco. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and loved ones. Godspeed
  11. RJB

    Radiator Guards/Bracers

    Have a set of Unabikers on mine and have sure saved my radiators on occassion
  12. Leo Vince does have an approved spark arrestor. Check out Renazco Racing link here http://renazcoracing.com/index.cfm?carttoken=5996397012411031050&action=ViewDetails&ItemID=538907&category=2005&viewby=ordervalue&sortorder=ASC . Have one on my bike and it's great. Has EU approval for road use and meets sound requirements. Drops weig and improved power.
  13. Yup, there are a number of options to increase fuel capacity. Safari for one and then a few fulll on Dakar solutions. As for suitability, we just did a trip round Sabah of about 2,900kms (1,800miles). 3x 690R's and a 1x BMW 650GX. Biggest issue we had was distance between fuel stops, had to turn back on one dirt section for fear of not having enough fuel (we were almost at the point of no return), a couple of broken indicators (one from dropping it, other just broke by itself), and a taco'ed rear brake lever (its soft - dropped in soft mud at slow speed). Other than that, bikes ran great. I'd buy it again (just about have on the shipping costs to get it to Europe now)
  14. RJB

    cannot back bleed front brake

    I just let gravity take care of the bleeding on the front. Open up and keep topping the reservoir up. Works a treat for me.
  15. RJB

    KYB Fork Problem!

    +1 on Dave. Took mine apart only to find the plastic cracked and in bits. Dave fixed me right up and his drilled replacements have been fine since. A whole lot cheaper than replacing as per the Yamaha parts catalog