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  1. noslo98

    Looking to upgrade F or Fx

    I have had both actully. I bought s 17 FX earlier in year and put about 10 hours on it and was forced to sell because of new baby. Now I’m back on my feet and bought a 16 F and besides not having the Estart I love the bike. I think it handles better in the tight stuff honestly. The fx has a really low 1st gear and is almost too low. I ended up putting a 52T rear on it because in the tight goat trails 1st is too low and 2nd too high. The 52 makes 2nd perfect. I’m also 300 lbs and did respiring as well. Now for the F it is feared taller so I am doing a 51T and just ordered rRekluse so it souls make a nice bike.
  2. Yeah I did get off my F and ride a buddy’s FX last weekend for a min and it felt like I was on a WR or a XR 650.. lol
  3. Yes they start so damn easy!! Lol I was just spoiled on Estart ktm’s past 5 years.
  4. Yeah I do think this bike handles bettter than my FX did. The bike I picked up has factory connection suspension & link. It seems like it turns way better than the fx also doesn’t have the headshake. Took to the tight woods today and it worked good do need to gear for that though. Geared way too tall..
  5. That’s about what I️ was thinking too. Maybe just a rekluse so it don’t die in woods.. lol
  6. Well I️ got in a pinch early in the year and had to sell my 17 450FX but am getting a good deal on a 16 450F and thinking of making it an FX. Basically.. I️ have done little cross referencing and looks like cases are the same as far as EStart stuff goes. For Estart it’s basically bolt on components like flywheel,stator, cover.. etc. does anyone know the difference in crank? Is it just weight? Tranny isn’t a huge deal because I’ll prob run a rekluse. More just want the Estart & bigger radiators. It sucks yamaha don’t do an Estart kit like Honda does.
  7. noslo98

    Post pics of your CR's

    It was originally built by Big E from answer. I removed them as soon as I got it.. lol
  8. noslo98

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here's my 02 250 some of you have prob seen it on here.
  9. noslo98


    I'm also a bigger guy at 300 lbs and race tech recommended springs for a F-350.. lol I did .50 fork and 6.6 shock . I ran .54/7.2 in my ktm and it worked good but super stiff!! This current setup works great but I do have comp all the way soft on forks. I am going to drop oil level 20cc and try that. After that I will go into valving.
  10. noslo98

    Switching to a Honda front brake system?

    Any advantages to doing the Honda master on a 17 450 FX?? I am coming off ktms and hate my front brakes!! Garbage
  11. noslo98

    Back on blue after a orange break!!

    I just ended up buying a FMF Ti 4.1 slip on for now. Will add head pipe later. I'll weigh it when it arives
  12. Well I am finally back on a Yamaha after taking a break with 3 different KTM's!! I rode a buddies 16 450 FX a few months back and was hooked after 1/2 lap. Didn't want to give it back.. lol so today I picked up my 17 450 FX !! I have been off yamahas since my 09 which was the best bike I ever had. Anything I should know about the new ones? Already hot springs on order & trying to decide on exhaust since I need a sparky.
  13. noslo98

    2017 CRF 450R Gas Tank Options ??

    I ended up buying a FX
  14. noslo98

    2017 CRF 450R Gas Tank Options ??

    That may be an option as well!! Lol