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  1. Inflation… You been asleep the past 15 years or so? $2 to $4K for a used bike is a bargain. My first new bike cost $950 OTD… Bought a new 2016 for $11K OTD. Darn, what happened to $950 OTD?? $950 buckaroos didn’t even pay the sales tax on the new one. Perspective ;-)
  2. youngztr

    Kx250 fluid help.

    2 stroke oil in the gas. I put ATF Type F in the tranny of my 2t’s for decades with good results.
  3. youngztr

    New '15 Husky FE501S owner. Need some info

    FYI – should a CA dealer or distributor be caught altering an ECU or disabling emissions equipment or shipping non-CARB part into the state their business license will be revoked on the spot. Out of business forever… So don’t even ask. There are a few exceptions to the parts shipping, okay ;-)
  4. youngztr

    Rocky Mtn-EVS FAIL

    OP - Really now… You made an assumption when you bought a helmet, failing yourself to verify if replacement parts were available before you bought. BS on TT about how thoughtless you were then pass the blame on to your sister like a 2 year old mom caught with his hand in the cookie jar…. Think about it next time before you air dirty laundry in public. The Crotchety Old Fart is a thinking person who is perceptive and accurate…
  5. youngztr

    Trail Oil Container

    Isn’t this thought of running out of fuel what a larger petrol tank is for? Since when is it safe to assume a 4T uses less fuel than a 2T and your 4T buddies have extra fuel for you??? Have a nice hike pal ;-)
  6. Neither Penny Pines nor Stoney are remote or too technical for worries about riding alone. I ride around on weekdays by my lonesome. Best time too, very few others around. Meet other old dudes out there farting around having a good time. We Bruce Springsteen it up, talking about the glory days passing us by when we were A riders and now are D- riders… Don’t let the fear of might or could happen cause nothing to happen ;-)
  7. You in da' right area! If you scroll through a few threads here in CA you will find guys attempting to group ride… Sometime just going to an area and hooking up with a few other riders is a possibility. Most of the riders I’ve met in the Stoneyford area are glad have others along.
  8. Move your post to the “Dirt Bike Regional Discussion” forum and in the California sub-forum label as Northern CA I’ve ridden Penny Pines for years… wonderful place to ride.
  9. Bump... just to compete....
  10. Any brand which an owner rides doing nothing to until it breaks or it is OOP for a few years… which is all of them.
  11. youngztr

    Requesting Carnegie SVRA info confirmation

    I have to admit sometime I forget opinion of the park is subject to riding ability and some parameters for comments can help… If you have trouble riding the perimeter of the park in and out of both canyons up to the rims on a hill climb and back to the front gate within about 30 minutes you now have a challenge… We used to go out with a stop watch and time each other just for fun… The park is what almost two miles east/west and about one mile north/south…. two sections or about 1,300 acres or so? I can’t remember our exact route as the last time we were there was 2003… its been too long. I had an XR600 (pretending to be Scott Summers) back then so maybe it wasn’t too fair a challenge on a 600, eh ;-) OP – a better riding state park destination for a few days would be Hungry Valley in Gorman, CA when the FS trails are open. Good 4 to 7 hour loops can be ridden which can challenge the best of ‘em. And if your bike has a plate, all day DS rides are the norm. I really enjoy taking my DRZ400 there in the late spring and early summer to DS ride.
  12. youngztr

    Requesting Carnegie SVRA info confirmation

    If you are traveling through the area or coming to the area for other purposes then by all means stop by Carnegie and enjoy a day. If you are traveling from Nevada to Tracy just to ride Carnegie, you may be disappointed. On a 300cc 2t the entire park can be ridden in about 30 minutes… Then what do you do for the rest of the day? Ride it backwards? It is a small urban park for families with young children of various riding skills. It is not really a riding destination. Its main purpose is family recreation and/or a place for local riding buddies to hang out together, quaff a couple drinks with chips, and ride their dirt bike for a couple hours. Camping is spartan an open dirt area with tables. You have much better riding in Nevada for just going riding sake… As to the legalities, California State Parks has an OHV web site with the current rendition of whatever they are. If you do drop by, have a great time. After all it is dirt bike riding!
  13. youngztr

    Headlight on a KX250 help?

    In your case, the wattage will not blow the light. Too much voltage will. Sort of like you can put a 40w or 60w or 100w bulb in the end table lamp at home all bulbs work. But if you put a 12v bulb in the 120v lamp socket, capowie...sparks will fly.
  14. youngztr

    Hungry Valley opinions

    It’s a good place to ride on a non-holiday Monday thru Thursday otherwise it’s a zoo. Riding is much like Carnegie only HV is much larger in area. Most trails are green circle with a couple blue and nothing really black diamond. There are a couple short hill climbs. Good for a family with various age children at different skill levels. Not so much fun for an experienced capable trail rider. HV does have an MX practice track for free and a maintained MX track which is open to the public now and then for fee use. Most camping sites are good. There is no potable water. Toilets are outhouses. Yellow jackets, bees, are everywhere in the park. It can get really really cold in the winter at that high an elevation especially when the wind blows which it often does. If there is snow on the ground, the park is closed till the snow melts. Enjoy your ride!!
  15. youngztr

    Headlight on a KX250 help?

    There is barely enough juice in that system to run a couple LEDs… The electrical system already has a regulator in it. Tap into the hot wire coming out of the regulator.