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  1. TheWeez

    Ironman 125cc entry list

    I didn't realize Ryan Hughes was still racing.
  2. TheWeez


    *they're I couldn't agree more.
  3. TheWeez


    Im new, my bad haha Just welcoming you here. That was rather soft compared to some. Welcome and enjoy.
  4. TheWeez


    How dare you post something motorcycle related in TS! 😁
  5. TheWeez

    Good on ya Deano

    He's 78 years old. I'd say he looks pretty damned good for 78.
  6. TheWeez

    Who's going to win High Point?

    Martin will take the 250 class.
  7. TheWeez

    Honda horsepower

    JMart's 250 didn't have much trouble getting past his brother's KTM.
  8. TheWeez

    Vegas Bench Racing

    Thread of the year I tell you.
  9. TheWeez

    Seattle SX Bench racing and Predictions

    I love the hate for CR22 around here. It's comical. I'm not even a Reed fan but the guy has had a fantastic career and I would put him right up there with the likes of KW, RC, JS7, etc. I'm sure the embarrassment of not winning really hurts as he's depositing his sponsors' checks.
  10. TheWeez

    Dungey back for '18 MX?

    I haven't heard this but I too would love to see him out there this summer.
  11. TheWeez

    Cianciarulo Speaks

    Agreed. My wife always says "haven't you already watched this race" and I say "yes dear, but the first time I watch it, I watch just the races, then I have to watch again to see the 2.5 hours of crap they use to fill in between races".
  12. I'm no GOAT nut swinger but damn, you guys are harsh. The person with the 2nd highest number of outdoor race wins has won HALF of what RC won during his career. He could still destroy 90% of the field on any given day.
  13. TheWeez

    Ms. SX ????

    You know what? You're right! She's absolutely hideous! Not sure what ever made me think she was the least bit attractive! Thank you for squaring me away!
  14. TheWeez

    Ms. SX ????

    Bolt ons?? I'd be all over that as is.
  15. TheWeez

    Ms. SX ????

    No, this looks like a dude.