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  1. pd350

    xt250 Idle problems

    Check closely for an intake air leak . Most likely where the carb mounts to the joint between it and the head . The vacuum hose for the Air Induction System ( check this for leaks , too ) has to be tight on both ends. I use starting fluid or propane or anything more volatile than gasoline .
  2. pd350

    What could be turquoise in oil?

    That stuff maybe the remnants of silicone . Silicone turns to a gummy jelly crap when it gets into the oil . That's the main reason to NEVER use silicone as a sealer on a motor where it might get into the oil system . I've seen oil pickups totally clogged due only to silicone . .
  3. pd350

    yamaha bw 200 has no spark

    Does the bw200 have a kill switch and an ignition switch ? Both have to be in the run position . I know it's a simple thing , but sometimes ... Something else , every connection could be suspect . Every older bike I've had has had bad connections somewhere . Now , when I get a 'new' older bike , one of the first things I do is clean and scratch tighten every electrical connection in the entire system . That includes all grounding points . Amazing what a clean , tight electrical system does for a machine .
  4. pd350

    Gear down XT250

    Increase the rear sprocket size . About 4 teeth increase - rear sprocket equal 1 tooth down - drive sprocket
  5. pd350

    XT indicator problems

    That could be ... I'd install an electronic flasher . They function much more efficiently .
  6. The service manual has that information .
  7. This really isn't relevant to your bike , but you might get a kick out of it . The 20 second break in : I bought a non running TM 125 way back when . Low compression ++ . I tore it down and trued the crank , just for kicks , I thought . Turns out that was a good thing to do as it was out of spec . Anyway , I went 1st over , only I used an RM piston , which afforded a touch more compression and slightly different transfer cuts . Long story ... I was at the stage of hand cranking the fresh motor . After the second 'stroke' of the kick lever , the motor fired and the RPMs went for the moon , immediately . I hadn't had the kill switch in the off position . First , I tried the switch to no avail and the airbox prevented an air choke . I even yanked the plug wire , but by then the motor was dieseling . I grabbed a shop rag and choked the exhaust . That killed it and brought out cries from all the mechanics that 'break in period was over' , followed by everyone laughing . That was the best running bike I could have hoped for . It lasted for years and untold abuses . Still ran great when I sold it . These days , I vary the throttle and take it to full operating temp for about 10 - 15 minutes ; shut it down until its stone cold and do it again , a couple more times . Then varying throttle , including some red lines , until about a hundred miles . Change oil and filter . Then , within reason , ride it like you stole it for another couple hundred miles . Change oil and filter ; check valves . Ride like you want and do regular maintenance , religiously .
  8. Front forks are 0 psi Standard and can have a Max of 17 psi . I like about 10 pounds , but run less , a lot . Not sure what weight oil you're running , but I found that straight 20W oil works pretty good for me . I'm about 180 pounds geared for riding .
  9. pd350

    xt350 bad stator/generator?

    Even with that method , the bulb will not brighten as RPMs increase ?
  10. pd350

    xt350 bad stator/generator?

    This free manual has the coil resistances for the stator : http://www.carlsalter.com/download.asp?p=1843
  11. pd350

    TT500 vin check

    You have a 1976 Yamaha TT500C . The 3,019th made . That^ according to : https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/yamaha-parts/yamaha-model-prefix-motorcycles-1970-1994.aspx And here's a decent parts source : http://www.partspitstop.com/oemparts/#/l/yam/50041910f8700209bc7852a4/1976-tt500c-parts
  12. pd350

    xt350 bad stator/generator?

    Hi Ron , Dimming lights at idle is typical . More RPMs = More juice . My 350 does the same thing and has for the four years since I built it . Lower readings may be due to dirty or loose connections . Connections should be brass bright and scratch tight .
  13. pd350

    How much is my WR250R worth?

  14. pd350

    Kickstart kicking Back!

    They look on to me . Be sure it's on the compression stroke . You might try advancing by one tooth . Hand turn the crank to insure that the valves will clear the piston before you kick start it . If you feel any valve contact , reset the timing to where it is now . You don't want a bent valve .