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  1. Texan57

    77 pe or rm crankshaft seal change

    You will have to split the cases to replace the output shaft side crank seal, the ignition side seal can be replaced without splitting them.
  2. Texan57

    XR350 Wheel Spokes

  3. Texan57

    vintage big bore two stroke pictures

    Here are my yz490 and rm465
  4. Here is my 80 model, it was built for Ahrma.
  5. Texan57

    Please help, bottom install help

    Pull off the coller thats rides on the output shaft, the crank seal rides on it On the inside is where your new O-ring goes, be sure to clean it well and inspect it for any wear where the crank seal rides.
  6. Texan57

    1975 Can Am 175 TNT

    Contact Al Roberts in lumberton Tx, just google vintage Can-Am parts He will come up.
  7. Texan57

    Vintage Pics!

    My 82 RM465
  8. Texan57

    '79 DT250 Aftermarket Expansion Chamber

  9. Texan57

    Fork seal part number 76 -DT 175

    The lower is the seal, the upper is the wiper.
  10. Texan57

    circle f? any good?

    Kevin a Circle-F makes a great pipe, top quality construction and fit, they make good power and are nice to look at also, you wont be disappointed if you get one.
  11. Texan57

    more xl 600 questions

    The front mounts are different on the XR than your XL, it will fit but you will have to weld on the XR type front mounts, they are threaded and your XL has the rubber slip in type mounts.
  12. Texan57

    1985 xr500r

    If its an 85 model, its a 600 unless the engine was changed in the past.
  13. Texan57

    1982 Honda XL500R "$100 Find"

    I have a good complete head, or a set of valves if you still need it.
  14. Texan57

    The crap ya find on CL!!