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    Why is GasGas like Rodney Dangerfield?

    There is a new importer / distributor for GasGas in the US, and we're working on it. Our results with Husaberg have been good, regardless of how much we spend on ads. I've scheduled half a dozen bike tests for 2007. Cheers, Brett Saunders
  2. Supermototeam

    Husaberg: The art of living dangerously?

    We were seriously thinking of adding a pencil to the tool kit for 2007
  3. Supermototeam

    Too Berg or not

    I can't help myself, I find this hilarious. Is it so remarkable that some people actually LIKE the effort that's required in owning an exotic, high performance motorcycle ? AND they know what they are doing ? "Bloke buy the same brand as everyone else" goes completely against the philosophy of exotic motorcycles Husaberg owners are not sheep. Cheers M8 Brett Saunders
  4. But the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  5. Supermototeam

    Husaberg 650

  6. Supermototeam

    Too Berg or not

    Chooken, when you buy the Husaberg, please contact me for your free factory race shirt. Cheers, Brett Saunders
  7. Supermototeam

    Husaberg MX bikes

    yes, what Ken said.
  8. Could not have said it better, Jeff Cheers, Brett Saunders
  9. Supermototeam

    Aluminum Tank on Husaberg

    They are aluminum because it's easier to make a one-off (or in this case, twelve-off) fabrication in aluminum rather than mold it out of plastic. The factory Supermoto tanks are made by Omero Moto in Italy, and they are smaller and narrower than stock. And yes, I think they look great too Cheers, Brett Saunders
  10. Supermototeam

    Sears Point practice day - 01.09.2006

    If anyone needs pics for their resume, please do not use these, email me for full-sized versions. http://www.brettsaunders.com/sears01092006/default.html Cheers, Brett Saunders
  11. Supermototeam

    Sears Point practice day - 01.09.2006

    Greg, I tried so hard to make you look fast
  12. Supermototeam

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    With friends like Jake, who needs salespeople ? Cheers, Brett Saunders
  13. Supermototeam

    I am looking to purchase a Vertemati

    Ahhh...tender loving care And I thought that Shawn was going to make a coffee table out of that bike. In all seriousness though, I'd try Motostrano or Darrick Lucchesi for spares, or potentially Fat Brad in Bakersfield. Brad probably has two or three partial spare bikes to sell. He built the motor in the bike you own, if I remember correctly. Cheers, Brett Saunders
  14. Supermototeam

    shinko tire supermoto

    Resident expert Darrick loves them
  15. Supermototeam

    Next Infineon Open Practice Dec 19th

    Can you please make sure that the sun's out, and that it's a bit warmer next time too ? Thanks.
  16. Supermototeam

    Husaberg Question

    Wow, Taffy and Dale tagteaming on TT, what's next ? LOL
  17. Supermototeam

    Pictures from Sears Point 11.28.2005

    Darrick hurt my feelings several times by making fun of my hat, but other than that, it was a good day. Practice Day at Sears Point 11.28.2005 Cheers, Brett Saunders
  18. Supermototeam

    Pictures from Sears Point 11.28.2005

    That bald slow guy hardly did any laps !!
  19. Supermototeam

    Pictures from Sears Point 11.28.2005

    That's my job. When Jason features Husaberg in his awesome Supermoto article in Sportbike and customers flood your shop, you'll thank me. Cheers, Brett
  20. Supermototeam

    Pictures from Sears Point 11.28.2005

    Some store in the Castro, I forget the name Ask Darrick, he shops there all the time. Cheers, Brett
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    This is all a big misunderstanding (literally). Ray was referring to himself as a Sumo wrestler, which is what he does in his spare time. An AMA official must have overheard him, and since we all know how AMA Pro Racing is not exactly the world leader in original thinking, the AMA official must have decided to bastardize Ray's innocent reference. Now, I know that Ray would not feel comfortable the mental picture that we're all conjuring up, of him carrying a camera wearing nothing but a wide silk waistband and a pair of chopsticks in his hair while he rides a Supermoto bike, so I suggest that in the interest of decorum we just drop it. Cheers, Brett Saunders
  22. Supermototeam

    Miss SMR Winter 2005

    I voted for her, she's a really nice person I think this is an extra shot from the SMR shoot.
  23. Supermototeam

    Husaberg plastic

    From your local Husaberg dealer (which can be found here - www.husaberg.se ) or from www.husabergstore.com
  24. Dude, I'm Director of Marketing Enjoy. Cheers, Brett Saunders
  25. Supermototeam

    Infineon Raceway open track days.

    By the way, this emoticon is known as "two bald guys rubbing each other's head".