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  1. choppertown

    New premix oils

    I said EGT's so good,good try. But come again.
  2. choppertown

    2002 Cr250...what could of been...

    i rock an 02 250 in the woods. I would not go back to a HPP motor.
  3. choppertown

    New premix oils

    The Average flame front tempreture of an engine that is running an AF of 14.7:1 is around 3500*F And this is only at the very edge of the flame front. Go left,right,up or down from it the temprature drops rather significently. You would have to run extreamly lean to get a flame front to burn at 5000*
  4. choppertown

    x-ring or o-ring chain ?

    Also for best chain. My vote goes out to a DID 520vt2 narrow enduro racing x-ring chain. Over the weekend i did a 96 KM enduro. No chain stretch. Its exactlly like i set it.....8 hours of ride time BEFOR race day. Iv set the chain twice now. 5 hours after the first ride, and 5 hours after that. 13 hours into it now and it has not moved.
  5. choppertown

    New premix oils

    Good to know you tune your engine to run 3780* hoter then the melting point of what the piston is made of. 1200*F is about as hot as you want your EGT's to get. Thats mesuring 4" away from the flame front. I tune my bike with an EGT meter. i wood drop my bowels if i ever saw EGT readings that got over 1500*, never mind 5000*
  6. choppertown

    x-ring or o-ring chain ?

    13/50 isnt stock i dont think....thats what i run on my 02 for woods/enduro riding.
  7. choppertown

    New premix oils

    It is because of the oil, also the jetting. But an oil that has extreamly high heat properties is going to spooge more then a thiner oil that has a lower flash point. Science dwag.
  8. choppertown

    New premix oils

    Maxima K2. Any maxima oil is a balls pinned to the walls oil tho. It needs extreamly high exhuast temps to actully burn completely, otheriseit smokes and it spooges, And i run mine at 48:1 Honda HP2 is a thinner oil and will burn completly with lower exhuast temps. i like lucas 2 stroke mix for a cheap thinner oil. hasnt let me down.
  9. Subed. thats a crazzy price. But so is the price of a scotts or GPR.
  10. choppertown


    The plug looks mint. Id say pull the crank and check good and hard to see if any peaces of the lower bearing have come out. The scuffing on the piston is because you did not drill relief holes in it to cool the exhuast bridge. Something more then detonation happend in that motor.
  11. choppertown

    Soda Blasting

    put the cases haves together and throw the cyclinder on and then blast them. best way of doing it. then you are not hitting matting serfaces. Soda is to soft to really do any damage but..i never liked hitting matting surfaces.
  12. choppertown

    Break in

    iv owned my cr240 for 5 years. i have yet to find an oil filter on it.
  13. i have both an 8 and 13OZ on my 2002 Cr250. i like the 13Oz the best in tight rooty/rocky woods. Gives a nice even pull to the engine. It is a "bit" sluggish but in reality its still snappy enought to pull the front tire when ever you want it up.
  14. choppertown

    damping out felt vibration

    I really like the engine shim idea. Will be doing that as well. Iv filled bars with a urathane before. went to an industrial plastics place and got some. it helped on my 96. O, and Fast Flex Bars. wicked product. Expensive as shit but worth it.
  15. choppertown

    Gas can?

    Spend the money and get a quick fill gas can. You will be happy as all hell. mine fills my bike in under 8 seconds, does not leak, is nice thick plastic. Holds 20L's and is 5 years old and still going strong. Worth every cent.