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  1. rynno716

    07 yz250 Need Oversized Rotor Bracket??

    Bump!! Any brand hanger will work
  2. Hey guys got a Braking Batfly 270mm rotor kit for my bike. Problem being is the shop I got if from told me it would fit an 06-09 bike. Unfortunately 08-09 are a different caliper bracket then my 07. Oh yeah and the shop I bought it from is closed out of business closed there doors yesterday. Guess I was sold a bill of goods:foul:
  3. rynno716

    Will 08 yz450f clamps fit 07 YZ 250 2stroke??

    What about the 05 450s are they the same or narrower??
  4. rynno716

    Will 08 yz450f clamps fit 07 YZ 250 2stroke??

    thats what I thought thanks
  5. Anyone know? I have a chance to buy a set of offset clamps that came off a 08 450 and want to run them on my 07 yz 250. Anyone know if they are the same??
  6. rynno716

    spring quality?

    Im looking at those as well. They look like a quality spring???
  7. Im gonna go ride it hard this weekend!! Ive got a hunch that the guy I bought it from just didnt ride it. Might just clear itself out?? But what are ya all running as far as premix ratios? Been so many years since I owned a 2 stroke.
  8. Oh ya the bike is bone stock!!
  9. Just bought an 07 yz250 and the bike has low low hours on it, but the problem being that oil goop is everywhere?? The dude told me that hes running 32:1 mixed with pump gas. Im in southern california and could use some specific settings, as the previous owner did not give me a manual so I have no Idea what this thing should be set at??? Ryno
  10. rynno716

    2006 YZ 250 Sag...

    Ok I just got a 07 and wondering if the same applies to that?? I know its an all new suspension setup from the 06 Right??
  11. I wouldnt buy the first year they make changes!! buy an 06-09 and wait a couple years.
  12. I replaced that plastic side cover as well!!
  13. rynno716

    YZ 250 Changes since 2005

    Ya def some deals out there I just picked up an 07 250 for 2000 ridden 5 times.
  14. rynno716

    Swingarm Stickers from Dripping Wet

    Um you have a pair of scissors ????
  15. rynno716

    Advice re upgrading DRZ exhaust

    Ahh man guys leave him alone, prolly just lookin at the sticker the guy put on the side panel!!!