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  1. hackman162

    My 13 RMZ-450 Supermoto / Dual sport build

    I've been looking into this a little bit. If you take a look at the fiche for the RMX450, they have a brace. However, the part is listed as unavailable. It looks like it forms to the fender, and mounts to the fender mounts. I think you could probably fab one up pretty easy with some angle iron.
  2. hackman162

    Rmz450 mapping

    I thought I read that Tom is not doing maps anymore because of the hassle of getting a bike???? I am also interested in a re-map. I was going to call Tokyo Mods and see what they have to say. They don't list it on their website.
  3. hackman162


    I have heard folks on here and on Vital talking about Moto Lab. I sent the guy am email inquiring about it for our bikes, and I have heard nothing back.
  4. hackman162

    RMZ450's are they that bad?

    I just picked up a '14 with 32 hours on it. Suspension has already been done, though I need a slightly heavier rear spring. Threw some bars on it, brand new plastics, RM250 air filter cage, and a Yoshi system and I am super stoked! Went through the whole thing with grease, and it actually didn't need it. First time EVER I could say that!
  5. hackman162

    Freakin' Flywheel Weight!!!!

    This model doesn't have set screws. I got a suggestion from my post on VitalMX to try PB Blaster and then a strap wrench. So I will be giving that a go today.
  6. hackman162

    Freakin' Flywheel Weight!!!!

    I have an '06 RM250. Previous owner had put a Steahly flywheel weight on. I need to remove it. It is the screw on with reverse threads variety. I got the special nut off with an impact wrench. But it seems as if the actual weight is now stuck to the flywheel. It is thread on using the threads for a flywheel remover. Any ideas on how to break it loose? The Steahly INSTALL directions say that it should only have been hand tightened, but I am guessing the stuff has corroded together....
  7. hackman162

    Sonoma CRX collar bone surgery 1 year review

    Damn asshat, I thought you crawled back into your hole in the outhouse. From what I read in the other thread, after one year, you are still not 100% confident in the healing. Most folks I know that have the "outdated plate with a nasty screw" are back to racing MX in less than two months. You must be a freakin' Hillary loving homo the way you talk about scars and such... Go away with your sales pitch.
  8. hackman162

    Are we all riding with knackered frames?

    Steel frames do stretch over time. A pro will wear one out in a few SX races. However, most amateur riders will never put that kind of stress on it. But yeah, it is nice to have a new frame every few years.
  9. hackman162

    2004 vs 2005 RM250

    Most people regard the '06 as the best year of the RM. In '07 the frame was changed slightly, and most people didn't like it as much.
  10. Hey Derek, Doc Mark is the real deal. He has taken care of my knees over the years, even before I moved to TX. He will be doing my knee replacement in July as well. You can't go wrong seeing him. --scott
  11. hackman162

    Wearing glasses under goggles?

    When I had to start wearing glasses a couple years ago, I couldnt come to terms with glasses and goggles. I tried contacts and that to me is great. I only wear them for riding, then throw them away at he end of the day.
  12. hackman162

    Question about my son's RM250

    Short answer...No. Longer answer, the front fender can be made to fit, and the number plate will fit with the front fender. You can buy an aluminum tank from Italy that will fit the shrouds. The tank is $$$. Lastly, if you want to fit the rear fender and side plates, you will need a late model RMZ subframe and airbox. You will need to do some fab work on the subframe as well as modify the seat to make it all work....
  13. hackman162

    Brand new 2005 RM250 Value

    You shouldnt have run it up and down the driveway. To a discerning buyer, it is no longer brand new/never ridden. Its just a clean used bike.
  14. hackman162

    Rm 250 k4-k6 cylinders

    Power valves are different. That said, as long as the link that controls the power valve is the same, it "might" work. Why chance it though?
  15. hackman162

    What are my forks?

    How much do you want for the set that came on your bike then?