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    I picked this up last year off a parting-out low mileage '97 KTM Duke to try on my '96. Replaced all gaskets, o-rings, jets, inlet screen, needle, atomizer, and cable elbow (not shown in photo; removed to prevent damage, but included), installed a 45-degree outlet banjo (original 90-degree banjo also included), and ran it for a thousand miles or so, then happened across a new TM40 for very cheap, so don't need the Dell. It currently has a body-mounted lever choke, but the parts for the original cable choke are included (minus cable; no throttle cable either). Also included is an assortment of pilot & main jets. I replaced the weepy OEM bowl nut gasket from the Dellorto rebuild kit with a DIY from thinner material, which seals better. Also, one of the last tuning experiments involved reinstalling the old 272AB atomizer that was in it upon purchase, but the new (spec) 270 is included as well. I'll send along the airbox boot if desired; best I can tell there are no tears or cracks. Also have vent hoses. $100 plus actual Priority Mail shipping. Continental USA only, PayPal preferred. Thanks for reading, David


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  2. Just wondering how folks torque (and remove) LC4 rear sprocket nuts, since the hub design doesn't leave room for a socket, or even for a box wrench. I'm doing a sprocket change on a '96 Duke, and it looks like butane is in order for removal (the one I tried already wants to round off, using an open end 12mm). As to tightening the new bolts, seems like it will have to be torqued at the bolt head rather than the nut. It also looks like it might be possible to work a box end around the nut, at least, if the bolts were 5mm shorter. Your experience and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, David
  3. Not having any luck finding a replacement seat cover for my Duke I (and seriously blistered my knuckles, trying to stretch-and-staple a piece of flat vinyl). Before I go get an estimate from an auto upholstery shop, wanted to ask: are the seats for the other mid-90's LC4's (or any other model) similar enough to the Duke's that one of their covers would work? Thanks, David
  4. I’ve been gradually refurbing a low-mileage but neglected ’96 Duke acquired in November (my first KTM; have always wanted one of these black & yellow early models). Latest challenge: no brake light. All the other lights & electrics work (it’s getting 12v at the tail light lead). And there’s continuity through the brake light lead & ground when either or both brake switches are closed, but no voltage. The 5w tail/brake light bulb filament was burned out, but the 21w was burning (I didn’t notice when removing the old bulb whether or not it was installed correctly; looks like it’s not too difficult to jam the bulb in wrong, and considering all the other dodgy stuff this bike had done to it in the past, wouldn’t surprise me if that had been the case). I’ve not found any loose connectors or damaged wires so far -- although now I’m going to have to replace the front brake switch. Wanting to clean the connectors, just in case, I found them moderately oxidized (the bike had been left outside for some time), and in trying to remove the leads I broke one of the male blades clean off at the switch. Wiring is probably the greatest of my many tech weaknesses, so any tips would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, David
  5. I've hit a snag in rebuilding the Brembo master cylinder on this old Duke: Instead of a circlip, it uses an expansion ring (or so I've seen it referred to in trying to research), and I wonder if a special tool is needed to pull it out (there doesn't seem to be any way to get behind it to tap it out with a punch or dowel going through the threaded female side). It appears to just be pressed in, rather than fit into a groove. There's a space of 2mm or so behind it, and it doesn't sit in the cylinder bore itself, so if all else fails I could try pulling it out with a pick, but that seems a little drastic. It's a solid ring -- looks like a wedding band, no split. Any suggestions? Thanks, David
  6. Anyone have experience with an accelerator pump-equipped Dellorto for big thumper use? Thanks, David
  7. Since acquiring a low-mileage but neglected ‘96 Duke last fall, I’ve been reading up on carb replacement options. Somewhere along the way this bike had the stock QS replaced with a Mikuni that I think is a BS40 (best I can tell from online photos, anyway), like spec’d on the Suzuki Savage. The carb not only fuels crappily, but is severely banged up (the end of the push cable is held in place with JB Weld), so I just want to replace it and start over (the original carb did come along with the bike -- I’ll eBay it at some point -- and just out of curiosity, I called Edelbrock to see if they’re still doing the QS pump install/upgrade, but was told they quit making the parts in ‘08). What I’m trying to figure out is, what’s the simplest option? Lots of conflicting opinions out there. Sure, a Keihin pumper kit would be great, but aside from the cost, for every post saying it’s a plug’n’play, seems like there’s another saying it’s a headache to dial in. I’ve paged through the BST40 Bible, and the Mik is easy to come by on eBay, but I’ve also run across folks who say the ’96 world-spec Dellorto is better than both the QS and the Mik (looks like you can still buy a new PHM40SD with the original 620 jetting setup from UK and US Dell distributors). Seeing how I’m more of a basic-maintenance, follow-the-manual, remove & reinstall-type than a tuner (although I have successfully managed carb cleaning & rebuilding on other bikes in the past), it’d really be nice to find a carb with at least in-the-ballpark tuning straight from the box, that doesn’t require scrounging or fabbing manifold, boots, cables, etc. I’d be happy to take it to a tech for dialing in. What’s my best bet? Thanks, David
  8. The OEM Mikuni piece is neither available nor fully rebuildable. The o-ring can be replaced, but that's it. The problem is probably with the vacuum diaphragm (or the spring, maybe), since somewhere along the way this bike had a simple plastic on/off valve installed in the vacuum line, and the petcock leaks badly when the tank is full and that valve is left open. Getting to the vacuum would require a hacksaw. Does anyone know of a petcock from some other bike that would fit? 34mm bolt spread, doesn't need to be vacuum (I can just plug/cap the cylinder vent, right?), but must be right-side and reserve, otherwise more serious mods will be required. Thanks, David
  9. A few months ago I acquired a low-mileage ’96 Duke (my first KTM): An apparently honest 862 miles on the clock, but it had been sitting outside awhile, so I’ve gradually been checking and dealing with the sort of aging & weathering issues you’d expect. The biggest problem is, somebody replaced the Edelbrock QS carb with a rather bashed-up, JB-welded Mikuni. As best I can tell by comparing photos and schematics,I think it’s a BST model, although no idea what size since I’ve not removed anything yet to measure the throat. The bike does run, kind of ¾-assedly, well enough for me to tell I’d like to keep it (plus, I've already had new Metzeler Sportecs mounted to replace the cracked old original Michelins), but rather than mess with tuning, or having it tuned (it had briefly been at a KTM dealership in Raleigh, so had been sorted a little…but I was pretty disappointed to realize they’d attempted tuning without first replacing the crumbling old air filter, and with no clamps installed on the airbox/carb boot, so…not terribly confident about their efforts), I just want to start fresh with a new carb. To that end, I’ve been reading opinions and procedures here and elsewhere about Mikuni and Keihin pumpers (btw, I have the original carb; figure to put in on eBay, having read that it might be more desirable among some ATV owners). But I have to wonder if the simplest fix might be a Dellorto PHM40 like the world-spec bikes got – providing the appropriate boots, cables, manifold, etc., anything else that needs to be replaced to match, is readily available. Also, I filled the tank for the first time last week, and was greeted with a small gas puddle in the garage this morning. My fault, I guess; since it hadn’t leaked before, I’d forgotten about the cheap plastic inline petcock somebody’d installed in the vacuum hose, which should have been a dead giveaway that the petcock leaks. I closed it, and the carb stopped weeping. So, looks like I need to rebuild the petcock, too (or find a compatible replacement), and have started reading threads on that topic as well (a call to the nearest dealer, in Asheville, determined the OEM Mikuni petcock isn’t available from KTM anymore). Thanks in advance for any advice, David