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  1. zmann04

    All of you with valve problems read this!!!

    A few days ago i noticed "fourstrokesrule" replied to every single post on the first page and got the idea it was him. NOw he has 145 posts!!!! JEzus. Dude, go get a girlfriend.
  2. zmann04

    All of you with valve problems read this!!!

    Isnt that castrol stuff fully synthetic?? That's what they told me to use and im sticking with it. 9 bucks a liter
  3. zmann04


    Go buy you a 1.6 cap, put some engine ice in it and just dont' let her idle for so long. Without bliping the throttle the pump has a hard time pushing water through your bike. No circulation also.
  4. zmann04

    SS valves & conical springs

    Isnt the dual spring setup what fixed the crf450 valve problems??? I like that idea.
  5. zmann04

    Valve train

    is the torque specs on those 2 allen head bolts very important when puting the valve cover back on? I checked my valves and when putting that cap back on, just tightened it down "pretty good" Didnt have torque wrench. Does it effect anything ?? Or is it just a cover?
  6. zmann04

    Hot starting

    Since were on the subject, am i rich or lean when i kick the bike over and it starts for half a second to a second then dies??? Kick it again and it runs for another few rotations and dies... is that not enough fuel? Im running a 42 pilot.
  7. zmann04

    wondering on causes of valve issues...

    ONe of the guys on the kxf had a DNF or two also. Tedesco or Roncoda? Can't remember.
  8. zmann04

    R.I.P. dirtmachine...

    Awesome!! Keep it up admin!
  9. zmann04

    R.I.P. dirtmachine...

    Guess Again, DIRTMACHINE= Two-stroke_smoker Or r you dirtmachine isacc? U've replied to every post on the first page
  10. zmann04

    Spark Plug Wrench

    Do u have any basic tools? I just use an extention and whatever size that socket is... spark plug socket But yea, that looks like it would work. As long as its the right size.
  11. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/videos this is halarious....i cracked up while watching it...had to watch it again. Man i hope i dont look like that!
  12. zmann04

    just picked my new toy up

    Do u have a part # and price on that new chain? Its time for me to get one... PM me if u wish. Thanks
  13. zmann04


    Dirtmachine banned??? YES!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: On the other hand, if he comes back he'll have to post 10 times as much to get back his posts amount.
  14. zmann04

    just picked my new toy up

    Bars!!! Also, in a race, my bike tipped over slightly and bent the radiator... maybe some radiator guards. Chain also stretches.
  15. zmann04

    Problem Free

    Trade for an 06...now there is an idea...but how much would we get for trade in 2 grand? that sux