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    like restoring most anything, from boats to forklifts.If it's old and unloved I'll give it new life
  1. thumpharder

    spark knock (I think) any ideas ?

    I'll check that out, will probably pull it apart this weekend.
  2. thumpharder

    spark knock (I think) any ideas ?

    yes, all jets are stock, plug is stock range, muffler and air box all stock. I put this bike back to a stock condition when I did the restore.The one ting I did not do was check head for flatness, I will check that this time and resurface if needed. I appreciate the questions, but I think since all is stock my only recourse is to pull the head and go from there. I even tried different cdi and coil just to rule them out. I have also gone to the coldest plug...running out of ideas for a magic pill, looks like gaskets are in order.
  3. thumpharder

    spark knock (I think) any ideas ?

    Yes you can soap it up, but it may not be leaking to the outside, it could leak into the cam chain area. If it does that you won't see it, that's what mine did the first time. The low knock you I think you are hearing is not a problem, most a bikes will do that under load at low rpm's. I try to not let it do that by down shifting to keep that load off the rod bearings. What I have is a lighter spark knock sound almost like what you get running crap gas in your car with the timing too far advanced. does it when I'm cruising along and then hit the gas, like say 30mph in 4th and hit it hard. Will also do it if I have to pull a long hill and try to maintain speed or accelerate going up.
  4. thumpharder

    spark knock (I think) any ideas ?

    Hello Horri, been quite awhile since I've been on. I was hoping for something else but I'm thinking your probably right. I see no oil around the head/barrel but I didn't last time either. I will pull it and check it for flat, I have a machine shop in my backyard, I have a granite surface plate and drawers of indicators, I didn't check it last time.........guess I should have..dang it. Thanks for the thoughts
  5. Howdy all, a few years back I went through a xl600 I had, it ran fine for awhile then noticed it had what seemed to be spark knock under load. It was suggested that it may in fact be a head gasket. Well, after trying many things to hopefully avoid pulling the head, I gave up and pulled it. The gasket was blown, I replaced it with a shiny new one and all seemed fine. The other day I was out for a spin and noticed the knock again, the gasket was replaced with new, no sealer and torqued to spec. I hate to think I have lost another gasket so I thought maybe someone had an idea what else to look for. Stock muffler, stock carbs with stock jets and stock air cleaner. any help or ideas is much appreciated, thank you
  6. thumpharder

    84 XL600R idle adjustment screw (with cable) broke

    cool, that is the kind of info that comes in handy. stock parts are getting harder to find all the time so sharing info on parts is one way we can all help each other. Thank you, I'm sure this part will be bought for other bikes now that an available replacement has been found.
  7. thumpharder

    1985 XL600R rebuild

    sounds like a good time, although I don't allow any scales in the boat, my fish come breaded and deep fried. Just thought I would check see how you were doing with the rebuild, if it's done or ? haven't been here for some time so I thought lets see how the build is doing. I have in the "off site" time gone through my old 1980 cx500c and got it back on the road after a 20+ year stint sitting in the garage.
  8. thumpharder

    84 XL600R idle adjustment screw (with cable) broke

    if you know the bike it's from you should post it for others with the same problem and no silver solder lying around.
  9. thumpharder

    84 XL600R idle adjustment screw (with cable) broke

    didn't care if it was the same size, just a universal replacement cable from a bicycle shop. been on for a couple years now, no problems. It is a little thinner than original but who cares.
  10. thumpharder

    84 XL600R idle adjustment screw (with cable) broke

    I have fixed these by buying a universal speedo cable and silver soldering a piece of it between the screw and knob. I drilled the knob and screw to take the cable and it worked fine. oh and your right, it's not available.
  11. $250. tops, it looks a little rough (trying to be nice), I think it's the wood grain looking tank decal that really does it for me.
  12. you can blast a lot in one hour, if you don't have the air it might be your best bet.to have it done, it will give you a nice clean point to start your re-finishing from. this is before blasting a valve cover off a cx500 I did. this is after blasting and this is after buffing . So you see it gives a great base to start with.
  13. Sounds like a little high to me. I had valves, cyl, piston, and a tire done years ago before giving up on dealers and it was almost 900 bucks. I'm guessing half of that was labor, don't let dealers touch your stuff, when I got mine back the timing for the auto decomp was off and wouldn't hardly start. 400 if in very, very good shape....maybe
  14. If you don't have a blast cabinet you can run soda in, go to our good friends at harbor freight and for 20 bucks you can get a hand held media blaster. then buy some soda blast media. It does a good job of cleaning so you can buff and polish after much easier. It does not hurt rubber, glass, chrome(but it does take off the lihjt rust haze). It is worth every penny, just need a fairly good compressor, small 20 or 30 gallon single stage is about as small as you want to go.
  15. thumpharder

    1985 XL600R rebuild

    Bike looks good..."well bought", as they say on the overpriced used car show- barrett auction