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  1. Thanks for the update on the plastics.. Just ordered a new set of white. front fender, rear and shrouds... $29.00 Shipped!!!
  2. FPMX_74

    CRF450R Break in procedure?

    I would check the radiator fluid too. My buddy bought a new bike and "rode it like he stole it" BAM!!! Blowed up... No radiator fluid.. OOPS!! I with the others too, check the torque and all the nuts and bolts.. Also, check the spokes, they sometimes get loose...
  3. FPMX_74

    2006 CRf450R cylinder honeing help plz>

    I just wash mine with a scotchbrite and some good grease fighting dish soap. I am sure the cross hatching is fine. You just need to clean the junk out of the hatches. I wouldn't go at mine with diamond hone. If I had too, use a ball hone. But, most cylinders don't need re-honing, just cleaning. Just my .02
  4. FPMX_74

    2005 CRF450r Owners Manual

    If you guys need to email large files try using the new yahoo mail. It has a link to use "you send it". You can send really large files and its pretty fast...
  5. FPMX_74

    Brand New never run 08 450

    I will never get rid of mine. I know a few Factory Honda guys who say the 08 was the best so far. No EFI or clutch troubles..
  6. FPMX_74

    2005 CRF450r Owners Manual

    Got an 08' I can send you.. If you want one, PM me your email.. They are pretty close...
  7. FPMX_74

    Gear sensor (08)

    I had an 03' YZ250F and there was a kit to disable the "neutral" senor. It was in the same place as what you are talking about. I checked on my 08. Looks easy enough but I am not sure the two are the same thing. On the Yami, that switch was supposed to recognize neutral and prevent over rev.. So that's what I was told..
  8. FPMX_74

    2003 crf450r HELP!!

    +1 on the pilot jet. $5.00 at the dealer..
  9. FPMX_74

    Need your help/input

    I am 48 and ride an 08 in the Fire Police Motocross. (www.firepolicemx.com) I have riding since 04'. I race 45-49 Int. LOVE IT!!!! I got hurt more on my YZ350f trying to wring the power out of that 250. Now, twist and go... Much easier to ride on the track than a 250. The power is there if needed and you will get used to it.. I did and you probably ride more than I..
  10. FPMX_74

    2003 crf450r HELP!!

    Most bike you have to pull the choke to start them, don't worry about that. Now check the valves and look at the suspension. Sounds like it's coming together.. I had an 03 before my 08. that thing was bullet proof. I had over 150 hour on it,, same stock piston, rings and the valves never moved..
  11. FPMX_74

    How to fix warped rear fender

    sounds like sub frame... Fenders don't usually warp. the thing they are bolted to usually gets bent up after a nice get off.. Just grab the fender and try and give it a little bend back... Or,, just leave it..
  12. FPMX_74

    What do I check next?

    Nope, mine on my 08 did the same thing. One day fine next, a pain in the a$$.. Left intake was at .01.. NICE!!! Got it all fixed now though.. Good luck..
  13. http://crfsonly.com/calculators/crf450-valve-shim-calc.php this will help you find the shim size you need. Also, If you need an 08 PDF manual, PM me your email and I will send you one..
  14. FPMX_74

    2008 CRF450 valve clearance

    Here is the answer you will need next: http://crfsonly.com/calculators/crf450-valve-shim-calc.php
  15. FPMX_74

    Crf450r mods!

    Get your suspension dialed in first. All that mod made power is useless if your suspension isn't right.