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  1. posner

    Vurb Moto - Fight Time Ryno vs Lapaglia

    I was there in Mammoth all week...Ryno is a roid ragin chicken headed d-bag. I dont think Lapaglia had a chance to take his helmet off...it just went down. I have never much cared for Hughes, but this last week sealed it for me. Hughes is still fast on a bike for sure, but he is a giant dick.
  2. posner

    Reed's Crash

    Props to Reed.....many guys would have rolled off the track and quit. Not a Reed fan but tough is tough
  3. posner

    Stewart in Trouble...

    my guess is that his buddy wont be leaving Florida if he isnt a Florida resident.
  4. posner

    Stewart in Trouble...

    I wonder if the Bubba's World crew was close by filming.....This guy needs to refocus big time...what a stupid idea this was!
  5. posner

    Did everybody forget about Dungey?

    Most have been swingin from JS7 and RV2's scrotums....meanwhile RD and CR have been putting in consistent motos(albeit at a much slower pace than the above guys) and they have worked themselves right into this thing!
  6. posner

    SPOILER, TORONTO: Malcolm Stewart

    +1 its trouble either way, but once you separate from the bike the only thing left to reduce the impact is your skeleton(and whatever safety gear you may be wearing)
  7. posner


    My apologies your excellency..... I should have known that with the stable full of POS clunkers in your signature you are definitely one cool customer... very sorry to have offended.
  8. posner


    It was a total act of desperation on the part of Reed...very different than the aggressive move Wharton put on Sipes. Its too Bad, I was actually starting to pull for Reed(not that he cares) until that move. One thing is for sure, this year's champ wont have an asterisk next to his title in the record books...all the big players are in the game.
  9. posner


    Not to start any trouble, but the move from Wharton this past weekend was nothing compared to the torpedo move Reed put on Stewart! Wharton made an aggressive move no doubt, but Sipes stayed in it and took himself out! I am no Wharton fan, but it was a good aggressive move, unlike the penis move Reed put on Stewart. Anyone else besides me excited to see Hansen get a little pay back?
  10. Our son just got 3 new KX 85's. I did purchase the PC powervalve and governor springs for 2 of the bikes(not installed yet), but for our stock bike I am simply swapping out the governor spring. I have looked over the diagrams and it looks fairly straight forward, however, the Pro Circuit service department said I would need a press? Really? Am I missing something, or can this not be done without a press?Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! posner
  11. Stewart could win out the remainder of the season and win by a point even if Villopoto takes second every week...right? 23 points down with 8 rounds to go. The point is, it aint over til its over. RV2 isnt above yardsaling and ending his season.... CR is in the mix should JS or RV falter, but I would prefer to be in RV shoes at the moment if I had to choose.
  12. posner

    Villapoto podium speech

    dumb riding? looked like an unfortunate incident on a rough track on a part of the track that wasnt particularly scetchy....
  13. posner


    Worst part about this incident is that is has taken away from the fact that Reed rode as well as I have ever seen him ride. The penis move from Hansen the week before was questionable at best; at least Hansen's bike was pointed in the appropriate direction to make the turn...Reed's move was flagrant, he wouldnt have been able to make substantial contact with JS had he attempted a legitimate block pass. Instead he torpedoed Stewart...Total ***** move. Have people forgotten the move in Vegas a couple years back when Reed ran JS into the hay bales and off the track? Lapped traffic is part of the game...not Like Reed didnt make out in Oakland when he nipped Dungey at the line thanks to the lappers! Reed would have really earned legitimate street cred even with a second place IMO. He really rode like a true contender up until that ***** move on JS. I for one am going to have a really tough time rooting for Reed. I hope he finds the dirt often during the rest of the season...too bad because I was really starting to like the guy.
  14. posner

    #7 is going to land on someone.

    you're right, making a main in the premier supercross class is quite a feat...however JT is the pro wrestling equivalent of the fat white dude in the wrestling uni-tard that was brought out to battle Andre the Giant.