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  1. Anybody ever heard of a 2011 Red Bull Signature series KTM 450EXC? I've seen the 6 days special and heard of a champions edition but not a signature series. Apparently only 100 were made in this spec? Just trying to find out if this bike is real and what kind of extras were included. Included is a photo he sent through. Any thoughts would be awesome.
  2. Smoke87

    2013 MX TV Schedule

    Anyone willing to give out their NBC login details so a poor Aussie can watch the stream on allisports? Worth a shot haha!
  3. The Hondas come off the floor with one? Behind the front number plate? Or am I mistaken and that's for something else?
  4. Smoke87

    2013 AMA MX Outdoor season?

    Check out allisports.com . They live stream it. Last year they did both motos eventually as well
  5. Mine hasnt skipped a beat. I even jumped into a huge puddle on my second ride and stalled it which sucked water up into the gear box. Kept replacing the oil until it was clean and havent had an issue. 60 hours on mine and valves havent moved!
  6. Smoke87

    cardio too much?

    Thanks Watige, I dont have a whole lot of fat on my body and am looking more into building this base so as to have these huge reserves. Should i still be limiting my carb intake?
  7. Smoke87

    cardio too much?

    Hi Watige, When you mention carbs are you meaning like breads and cereals or is it all carbs ie: vegetables fruit. Is 8 weeks of meat/ protien only achievable to maintain good health?
  8. Let me know how you go guys. I looked into racesocal.com because of their selection of bikes. Honda 250f and 450f plus a 250 and 125 2t. Im keen to get over for the Vegas final too.
  9. Smoke87

    super x australia

    Have you got details on when this is on air or a web address?
  10. Smoke87

    monster energy cup streaming

    Your my new hero!!! Thanks for the update mate!
  11. Smoke87

    monster energy cup streaming

    Might just have to go live under a rock for two days until someone uploads it onto youtube!
  12. Smoke87

    no more bargains!!

    But freedom from the debt crisis?
  13. Smoke87

    no more bargains!!

    I don't get the eagle.
  14. Smoke87

    Watered down KX500!!!

    Yeah the shifter returned to centre. I select up a gear and it would return to centre but would not change gear. I would be able to change up by holding the clutch in, then holding the shifter up then slowly release the clutch while still holding the shifter up and most times it would change gear but then that technique slowly stopped working. Every part seems to be in top condition and was comparing them to pictures and tolerances in my Clymers. Will have to wait until the weekend to start putting it back together. I will take some pics of the parts. You guys might be able to see something I dont.
  15. Smoke87

    no more bargains!!

    Totally with you there! My bike looks super sexy now for about half what I would have had to pay locally. Im sure it will get back up there, just a bit of waiting. Here's hoping anyway!