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  1. Got my tps tool Thursday, played with the settings. Bike was so fast that it jumped off the trailer on the freeway at 60 mph. I want a refund.
  2. thanks. Just got my bike (2015 500 EXC) and don't really know what the actual range is yet. Only thing I've done is change to 14/48. Just don't want to buy a bigger tank so looking to at least get 100 miles ish a tank.
  3. How much does making the bike richer impact fuel range?
  4. Was thinking of letting my son (12) race this. $75 registration, $15 gate fee for him, $15 transponder, $50 gate fee for my wife and I. $155 for 1 race, seems pricy considering he can do a gp at gorman the same day for $58
  5. They offer 20,30 or 50mm base gaskets. What came out of the factory? I don't think this bike has been opened up and want to order the parts before I crack it open so I can do the job all at once. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Reason I ask: Have a 94 that I bought a new piston/rings for a while back. Took the bike apart an found that the power valve was broken in 2 spots. The problem spot being where the top pin of the power valve rides in the cylinder. It is stuck in there and look to have damaged it. So I found a guy that is selling a 98 cylinder with PVs that has been recoated. Guess I could ask him to look at the piston he was running to set what it was. Thanks.
  7. If a cylinder (98 kx250) is re-nikasil'd due to the nikasil being thin, does it typically still use a stock size piston?
  8. Looking to ride piutes singletrack near Isabella. Any suggestions on bike setup (gearing, netting, etc) 03 525 mxc.
  9. I recently bought a KTM and the prior owner mentioned that he had just had a new top end and valves put in. The bike/battery was not holding up as it did prior. He indicated that the mechanic took the head apart and there was a small tab on the cam that was worn away causing the bike to be more difficult to start, thus working the battery/starter more. Once the cam was changed out, problem was solved. The bike also had the same issue with the clutch slave cylinder. He was going to change out the seal/oring but didn't want to mess with future problems and changed out the slave cylinder. It's been fine ever since.
  10. Please post details/suggestions about your ride. We are trying to plan the same ride on April 14th.
  11. Turns out it was a tall seat and I was able to remove about an inch of foam. That inch helps a lot. Need to set the sag and see where I'm at. If it's still feeling tall, I think I will go with the X-bushing and slide my forks up slightly.
  12. Will a 94 head mount up to a 99 cylinder? I've got a 99 cylinder with Powervalves that I can pick up pretty cheap but it may not be all that cheap if I also have to pick up the head.
  13. Just got an 03 525. It's an MXC but has an EXC seat/tank on it. Had a lot of fun on my first ride out but it's way tall for me. Not a problem on the trails but I didn't have a lot of confidence on technical hill climbs. How much foam can I cut out of the seat an not risk felling the seat base? I'de like to lose about an 1 1/2" if I can. Also, anyone use one of the newer X-bushings to lower the rear shock the 7/8"? I read some post that people were having problems with them wearing out too fast but the manufacturer claims to have made some improvements. I still have to check the sag. Maybe that will make a difference also. Thanks.
  14. Broken rt powervalve: Found a newer model valve and am modding to fit. (Thanks to input from TT members) New problem: Top pin from the rt powervalve is embedded into the cylinder. (Where the valve port is machined for the pin to fit). I can try to drill it out but am worried that the orfice is damaged as it appears this powervalve was broken and rumbling around in there for awhile. In the event that this is not salvageable, What year cylinder heads will work on a 94 KX250? I just bought a boyesen rad valve for this bike and want to use it. Not looking to spend a ton since this will just be a back up bike for my brother to use when we go out.
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