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  1. brute448

    Hand Guards preferred

    endure engineering replaceable plastic by them selves and i've bent back to straight'ish when needed! http://cyclebuy.com/shopping/enduro/handguards_replacements.htm
  2. 2 hours from downville to reno. find a ktm dealer there and get euro map on your ecu. ( should still be able to in NV, but dont go posting the dealers name if you do ONLY PM) tires look fine already. get some real bark busters and enjoy!
  3. brute448

    Help-Decel Pop is Horrible

    i got "euro mapped" on my 15' 450 xcw. made the pop NON-existent i have tps at .63v and best dual sport bikes end cap. all is well! but jd/vortex will make it a beast!
  4. brute448

    2017 500 EXC-F for oil

    im 264 loaded rdy to go gear/ saddle bags ect. i rebuilt forks (leak seal) re did with SKF seals and 7w fluid. i like firm forks. also have .54kg springs
  5. get the beta, all my buds hav spent $$$$ after 10-12k bike to get fuel'd right, tires right, road equip off/repalced. BUT** a ktm/husq with a $700 vortex tuner will blow doors off of a beta
  6. brute448

    Moose Racing rear rack

    my bad www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/652380-pics-of-your-fork-mounted-chainsaw-carrier/
  7. brute448

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    up top of jordan creek in tilly state forest, dam good day of riding!
  8. brute448

    Moose Racing rear rack

    3/4 way down the page, is a nice DIY angle steel/alum rack
  9. im 6'4 and run seat concepts std height and std foam density.
  10. brute448

    2018 450 EXCF Six Days short on Wheelie power

    13/50 gearing and JD jetting tuner($200) or vortex ( $700 not $1000 ive ever seen) will set you right. remember, 350 xcf is a 56 hp race bike. 450 exc is a 47ish hp trail bike. but the ect or fuel tuner will give you what your looking for. if u havent changed ur rear sprocket i wood 14/45 is to tall.. your xcf proly came with 13/52
  11. brute448

    Fort Rock, Millican over Memorial weekend

    keep head on the swivel. i DONT RIDE efr on holiday weekends. speed and people got my bud emergency surgery for his spleen removal ( took bars to the stomach) in bend from a nasty head on a few years back.
  12. brute448

    And yet Again ..

    ktm and husky both have spots for a fill in (dean-o and tickle) fingers crossed for a call like that!! :-)
  13. if ur on face book, the group "PDX Dirtbags" has a member or 2 that work weekends that ride during the week. worth a shout.
  14. brute448

    KTMandHUSKY Product Advice needed

    x2 on both of those points. what gears u have? i run 13/50 dirt and 14/50 dual sport