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  1. laptopdragon

    Wat dis be?

    the part could be extremely small cup holders for a tiny beverage./
  2. laptopdragon

    question on new graphics over old OEM stickers

    so why reply? especially after a previous member answered my question?
  3. laptopdragon

    Help me find a good deal

    fwiw you're going to want to watch a lot of videos on how to buy a used db, and maybe which db is best for a newb. without knowing your size, weight, or your skill level, but I would suggest any new rider begin on a 125, or at most a 250 fourstroke. Also to take a class to learn proper technique. I've riden a 125 the most, and they are super fun, flickable, very affordable, and it won't send you off a cliff or into a tree (although I have had a 125 send me right up to the edge of each of those things so don't presume they're not going to try and kill you all the same respect will be needed, but you'd get a smaller bite on the ass. still going to crash, less to pick up). The only downside to a 125 is you (probably) won't win any hare scrambles with them, but all in good time. Buy used, or a brand new 125 from last years stock at a local dealership for the price of what your looking for in a dr400. edit: you could also buy an 80's toyota truck with the money you save, and still have money left over. also, if your spouse ever wanted to try it out, a 125 (or 150) would be better for her too.
  4. laptopdragon

    question on new graphics over old OEM stickers

    thanks. I tested a few tapes and they all failed the heat test with the painters tape being fine, but since you stated it fails, I can presume it's b/c of the easy release glue that's meant to detach and the graphics will suffer. The part is the intake for a yz250fx, and that part alone is 3 separate parts riveted to each other, and costs more by itself than entire kits for older bikes. I did get a plastics kit already, and it's been done for a week but it doesn't come with the air box, so I am reusing the oem one, and I have been thinking on different ways to solve the issue. Proceeding to complete the install over the bare logos and if the graphics peels them off at removal, no biggie.
  5. on the topic of getting lost, and possibly having others locate you, if/when you go for long rides do a few things like: - leave a folder in your vehicle with information like: (if possible) a photo of you, height and weight, shoe size (and an alluminum foil print of your shoes) what you're wearing, or riding (color of clothing/helmet/boots/tires etc) and what direction you're heading (or attempting) and for how long you expected to stay out there. this alone will be tremendous help for others who may be called to find you.
  6. could you modify a thumb lever or a left handed thumb lever for the front brake? thinking that a left handed thumb lever would equal out the reduced gripping you may have lost with the lost digit.
  7. laptopdragon

    question on new graphics over old OEM stickers

    I'm hoping to learn which method is correct which takes experience. Possible that no-one has tested all three though. So I may have to forge my own trial by using the blue painters tape on one side, and raw yamaha logo on the other side, and in a few years I will have my own answer. I can't ensure the decals will even be available in a few years, or if they'll be the same but it's not like a classic car or collectable. I wonder about lots of stuff, plan amap, and proceed one way or another. edit: also looking for anyone who says things like "tried graphics over painters tape = failure/success".
  8. laptopdragon

    Do you think I should get a bike?

    you have one life (afaik you're not a space-cat). at the end of it all, you're going to have X amount of smiling/fun times and what I can say is riding single track is 99-100% enjoyable. Although I can only do it a few times a month. If she has never ridden before, then there isn't any merit to her opinion, and it's not like you're getting a db to find new women out in the trails, she should have no problem with your hobbies as she should be supporting and respecting of your own growth as a human. Do you have the power to blackball her hobbies or anything she spends time on? b/c as soon as your interests get shot down and you no longer have inspiration for free time you may start drinking or doing some other method of self destruction, which may also tear you both apart in a less than fun way. point is, if the one person on this planet who supposedly loves you the most becomes your warden, then you've got other questions that need answering, and then definitely get the bike and maybe a dog.
  9. laptopdragon

    question on new graphics over old OEM stickers

    ok, so, the intake for this bike is over $120.00 and has two yamaha logos (one on each side). yz250fx. the graphics will cover the logos, and if/when I sell the bike I will remove the graphics and not want to buy a new air intake and also ensure the yamaha logos aren't ruined, or get peeled away with the graphics. I suppose my question could be " what happens when old graphics get removed? Do they stick to the factory yamaha logos and destroy them by pulling them up when the graphics vynil gets removed?" I have (at least) three options as I see it. I can cover the logos with blue painters tape and apply the graphics, which will be inside a 1" divot, and be not as smooth in this one spot. Upon removal, the painters tape will protect the OEM logos. I can apply the graphics over the 1" logos, and have a tiny smoother divot, still a divot though. or if not, I will apply the graphics over the logos and have a slightly smoother appearance. sofar, only painters tape survives the heat-gun trial. As I've already tested a sample graphic over the painters tape, but I don't have any OEM yamaha logos to test, nor is this test after 2 or 3 years. so, it's more of a question for people who removed old graphics that have been on bikes for years, and found either destroyed yamaha logos or pristine yamaha logos underneath.
  10. laptopdragon

    Radiator restoration

    have you tried air-craft stripper? or other types of paint remover? basically an acid bath in a can.
  11. laptopdragon

    question on new graphics over old OEM stickers

    so, any advice for applying graphics over the OEM yamaha logos?
  12. what is the correct method to applying new decals over factory OEM stickers? for instance, the yamaha has three places where the round yamaha logo of three forks are glued to the plastics. So, do I put painters tape over the OEM logo and apply the new graphics over the tape? Do I apply the graphics decals over the logo bare, and if/when the graphics get removed will the original OEM stickers be ok? or, Do I remove them, clean out the plastic divots and apply the graphics where I'd need to buy new yamaha logo stickers?
  13. laptopdragon

    2019 Yz250F Break In Procedure?

    uncertain if this is relevant (due to yamaha being great) but friends of mine (two of who both agreed) to check all the suspension bearings for grease. reasoning is an issue with brand new bikes not getting enough, and one owner of a ktm (friends on a gaming network) said his 2016 ktm had issues after (less than) 20 hours on it, and all due to zero grease in the bearings. Now, I can attest that my 250fx was in deed packed with grease, on all the bearings, but I still checked them, and also cleaned, repacked them with marine grease, so you should be good. I'm only bringing it up to see if it's a manufacturer thing or what all of them are becoming (super lean). btw, note that all my suspension settings were extremely out of wack. Both front forks had all different #s on the clicks, (bottom was 8 clicks for the left and right was 12-13 clicks), and the top was off by 2 as well. These should be identical and if you want, I can take a pic of those settings, but it would be for the fx. congrats on the new bike.
  14. laptopdragon

    Hand numbing

    also, if it is indeed carpal tunnel, try a single Motrin pill b/c it will (should) help with relief. I had severe hand pains from digging post holes using 20lb pick bars, and shovels, (and summer-heat) and I could barely tie my shoes in the morning. After 3 weeks of worsening and crippling pain I tried a single motrin, and the pain went away for a week. Like it broke a curse or something. I didn't do anything else, just ate one single motrin.
  15. laptopdragon

    requesting size of tools needed

    thank you sir, much appreciation.