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  1. Donald

    Help Save a Trail in only five minutes

    They send you a link in an e-mail, click on the link and then it goes through.
  2. Donald

    Help Save a Trail in only five minutes

    Done. Hope this helps.
  3. Donald

    Stonyford Ride Report!!! Road the Box!!!

    I might be going with my son Friday. If we stage at wolf creek what do you think would be available to ride?
  4. Has anyone heard of any dates or locations for demo days this year? I live in Sac area.
  5. Donald

    OHV Protest - August 26 Placerville Fairgrounds

    Planning on being there with my son and 3 others from work.
  6. Donald

    What seat cover?

    Second one.
  7. Donald

    Any where to ride in sacramento

    Argyll in Dixon
  8. Went to foresthill today we did 50 miles. We got back to staging area and a kid was using the staging area as a mx track, we asked him to stop he did for a while then he got a friend and went back to racing. I dont understand 100 miles of trails and he wants to ride in the staging area:excuseme: .
  9. That was Quite an adventure, thanks for sharing your story.
  10. Donald

    230 Spoke Torque ?

    I guest at 32 in lbs.
  11. Anyone know the correct spoke torque for 2006 230?
  12. Donald

    230 newbie question

    I had the same dilemma with my 12 year old. None of 230's have kick start and I didn't want to get a bike that was too big for him because he would get frustrated and quit. I don't like the fact they do not come with kick start but what are you going to do? I bought the Honda 230 and will keep a close watch on the battery.
  13. Donald

    Moonrocks from Auburn?