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  1. dillonater

    02 expansion chamber fit on 05 rm125?

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I would but its coming from ebay! lol. ill keep searching
  2. Was just wondering if an 02 expansion chamber would bolt up to my 05?
  3. dillonater

    Can an RM125 ride trails?

    I'd say go for it man, i just recently switched from an 06 crf250r to an 05 rm125 back in january because i missed being on a two stroke, and now i love it haha. I mostly ride trails and a lil bit of track time to. If you've never ridden a two stroke before its going to take some time to get used to. Gotta love the simplicity of a two stroke.
  4. dillonater

    Is this a good bike?

    An older XR250 (honda), or something along those lines if your not a fan of the two stroke and you want something real easy to learn on. Maintaining that thing would be easy to, and would last you a long time.
  5. dillonater

    2006-2012 yz125 front numberplate on 2005

    How about you show us the whole bike.
  6. What do you mean if you stay in school you will fail? With that attitude you defiantly will. High school is no the hardest thing in the world!, and if you cant do well in school how do you expect to do well out in the real world? id say suck it up and just finish out school with a better attitude and just give it a little bit more effort man. Im 17, and am a junior, you think i like school? f**k no, but i do it anyways, life's not always about fun. I also work 5 days a week, two of those days giving up my weekends to work, this makes me not want to go to school even more (not having hardly any free time), but i do it anyways because i know having job experience and having a high school deploma is going to be nice for later on in life, you already got the job part, just put fourth the effort into school!
  7. dillonater

    2012 crf150r

    KX100!!! all the way
  8. dillonater

    2012 crf150r

    KX100!!! all the way
  9. dillonater

    1999 CR250 or 2004 CRF250

    Im a two stroke fan so id go with the cr250. The pictures look pretty clean... i would feel more comfortable buying a used two stroke over a used four stroke (race bike) as well just because of the simplicity of the engine.(would be less of a nightmare if you bought the bike and it so happened to have engine problems the first month or two...the repair bill would be easier on the wallet , not saying either bike is going to by any means but just giving you something to take into consideration. Also that 250's going to have a good amount more power to, so keep that in mind when comparing it to a 250F.
  10. Im trynna see it to! (Im in west seattle)
  11. dillonater

    dirtbikes = chick magnets? :O

    Dos gramer realy mater on this foram ???? People getting worked up about grammar= LAME
  12. dillonater

    How to patch a split expansion chamber?!

    Ended up using exhaust crack and joint sealer and baked 4 layers of that stuff on in the over, then wrapped her up in alot of aluminum tape and that worked pretty good (for the weekend)