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  1. A lot of it is based on misinformation, people not having the correct PTW clearance for a forged piston, and the older days when the materials weren't as good so expansion rate was more of an issue I think. I use both cast and forged pistons depending on the application. The condition of the cylinder is crucial for either.
  2. lennon

    Thor MX jacket - what year?

    Awesome jacket. I'm sure you could get some answers in the Old School Moto section on VitalMX forums.
  3. lennon

    XR80 Suspension / Wheels

    I'm messing with a '99 XR80. It needs new wheel and tires front and rear. While replacing them, I'm thinking of putting on the 17" CR80 front wheel, and 16" XR100 rear wheel. Can I lace my hub into a disc-brake CR80 front wheel? It's a lot easier to find those than the old ones. I know I need the 100 swing arm and brake rod. I need the shock/spring too, right? Is the linkage different? Need longer chain? Should I also get the 100 forks for the 17" wheel? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. lennon

    1990 CR125 Engine Options

    Hello all, I'm new to the word of MX bikes, especially 2-strokes. I've rebuilt and swapped several auto engines though, so I'm not totally incompetent. I have a 1990 CR125 project for some reason. It has some sentimental value so I can't scrap it. The bike is in decent shape and was running and riding before I tore it apart to "restore" it. On to the engine problems. I was just going to put a new piston and clutch in, reseal it, and call it a day with the engine. After taking the cylinder off, I saw that some of the plating is completely worn through. It's also time for a rod/crankshaft. On top of that, the alternator cover and one case side is damaged. The cases I've seen are going for about $120 per side. So at this point, I'm debating between finding a newer engine in better shape, or trying to build a 1990 engine from what I have. What other years of CR125 engine will fit in my frame? I'm looking for the easiest fit (if there is one), with the fewest extra parts. Or should I get the case, crank & rod, cylinder re-plate, bearings, etc. for this 1990 engine? Will a newer, complete engine need all of that stuff too? I'm guessing yes. Is there a thread somewhere about this, or another forum I should visit that's more specific to CR's? Sorry about all the questions. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. lennon

    1990 cr125 questions

    Hey guys, just got a 1990 CR125 for almost nothing. This is my first 2-stroke bike, but i work on cars for a living and have had 4-stroke bikes. Overall the CR is in good shape with new forks, wheels, tires, but it doesn't run. No spark right now but I will figure that out later. Not much compression. I've already pulled the cylinder off, it looks fine, but I'm going to replace the piston of course. OEM Honda is fine to use right? The waterpump seal seems to be bad, and that would explain why there was water in the gearbox (right?). There was also a small dead frog in the waterpump. Coolant pipes and passages look very clean though, whatever that's worth. Radiators aren't leaking. Here's what worries me: there was water in the cylinder. What would cause that? The headgasket looks fine, do these cylinders crack? I don't see any signs of a crack. Is it possible the water is just from sitting? Also, I believe the big rod bearing is bad, is this something people do, or is it a must to buy a new crank assembly with rod? Tools/equipment isn't a problem for me, so if it's possible to just replace the bearing that's what I will do. And, that's not all! A piece is broken off the clutch basket, and one or two teeth is missing from the waterpump gear. I guess one of these broke and took out the other. The gears all seem to be in good shape though. Sorry for the long first post. Things I'm most hoping for answers about are: Why water might get into the cylinder, and replacing the rod bearing. I will be blasting the frame this week and refinishing it in white, getting all the original plastics/stickers. Trying to fix er up. Hopefully you guys can help me out! Thanks a lot.