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  1. roadcam

    Atv accessories to get?

    install a 12v power socket, for powering accessories ( GPS, phone charger, etc. )
  2. absolutely, positively, buy a XR650L ... you're almost as big as me, and for your type of riding, it gets no better ... whatever shortcomings it has (WEIGHT, but still lighter than most 650 waterheads) ... starting is as easy as it gets ... you can de-smog and rejet, aircleaner, etc., for well under $100, most improvements involve a little hands-on minor labor, not much in the way of parts ... it was designed for YOU ...
  3. roadcam

    Too Much To Choose From...

    the XR650L subframe, under the rear fender, is too weak to support much weight ... luggage racks generally overload and bend the crap out of the subframe ... I think it is better to throw saddlebags over the seat, to support the weight ... I have tinkered with the idea of running a reinforcing strut up from the rear footpeg mounts, to support a rack, but I haven't fabricated anything yet ...
  4. roadcam

    New Tires...what do you think of these?

    nice hijacking job ... isn't ANYBODY gonna answer the guy's original question ???
  5. roadcam

    Got my UNI filter. Nice, but......

    I used to use Vaseline on the mating surfaces of my UNI, but it tends to run when hot, so now I use a dab of wheel bearing grease instead ...
  6. roadcam

    FMF or K&N Jet Kit

    I run the DynaJet kit on my XR650L, and it performs pretty much flawlessly ... BUT ... if I knew then what I know now, I would just pop for the Keihin jets,etc (Dave's mods), and save a bunch of $$$$ ... the DynaJet is overpriced, imho ... (yup, I drilled the slide, in addition to the weaker spring, and my fatass pig likes it) ...
  7. roadcam

    Larger HORN on XR650L ... ?

    OK, I will try mounting from a steel strip ... when I mounted it from a plastic strip, perhaps that also dampened the necessary vibration ... appreciate the help
  8. roadcam

    Larger HORN on XR650L ... ?

    I'm using the same wires that the stock horn uses ... and the horn works great, if NOT mounted to the bike ... I have tried several different horns, and the ONLY one that works correctly, is the stock one ... ??? ... I'm still wondering if it is an AC/DC issue, any more ideas ?? I have read somewhere that the 'L' electrical system differs from the 'R', regarding AC, or something ... if I don't get an answer, I'll stop posting, I don't want to beat a dead horse
  9. roadcam

    Larger HORN on XR650L ... ?

    yup, I made a mounting strap from a strip of plastic, stiil wouldn't work properly ... weird ... I've tried several different methods, nothing works so far, even tried another horn, it was same problem ...
  10. roadcam

    Damn, I should've known better

    yeah, I dig 2-smokes, too ... ride 'em while ya still can, they RIP ! ... nice pics, btw
  11. I'm not smart enough to figure out why my FIAMM 12-volt DC, negative ground, horn will not work correctly on my XR650L ... if the horn is grounded to the bike, (like the stock horn appears to be), it works, but at low volume ... if you have the horn in your hand, (not mounted to the bike), it is painfully LOUD ! ... what gives, is the stock horn AC, or something ?
  12. I wear an 'old-school' open face HRC, with a flat racing shield ... an identical helmet did a good job of saving my gourd when I totalled my Guzzi couple years ago, breaking my neck, and ground thru the helmet, but I walked away, (any brain damage was probably pre-existing ) ... the old-school flat shields can be a bit hard to find, but I like the way they protect the face, while allowing lots of airflow ... I bought a full-coverage helmet last year, and sent it right back, too claustrophobic for me ...
  13. I recommend you find out if Kawasaki ever fixed their serious 'cam-chain tensioner' breakage problem, that has plagued them for years ... if not, get the aftermarket kit in it ASAP ... (I'm not up-to-date on the Kaws, so perhaps they finally remedied the problem) ... other than that, they have a 'bulletproof' reputation ....
  14. I trimmed 5" from the front of my XR650L front fender, and drilled four large holes (1.25") at the rear of the fender for a little airflow to engine ... no splatter, etc. thru mud and water so far ...
  15. roadcam

    Best way to carry more gas.

    GO HERE: http://www.msrgear.com/stoves/bottles.asp aluminum bottles made specifically for gasoline, I'd feel a LOT safer using them ... pop bottles just sounds crazy to me (inbred fear of fire burning off my vital body parts )