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  1. yzwiley

    Foresthill Trail 5 - easy direction?

    So, were you the dude on the Yamaha in that video? Why not get off the bike and move that small timber you went around? Too lazy? It would take less than two minutes to do and you'd help preserve the trail. Or, are you just another one of these dudes that thinks he's so effin' fast and important that he doesn't have time to help contribute to our resources? Sure, I can see this pic of some guys standing there looking at the fallen timber across the trail. Where's the pic of the chainsaw mounted to your bike or in your backpack? BTW, now that Upper Lake and all of the other stuff has burned in your turf, are you coming our way to dig trenches with your bitchen YZ? Can you just stay home please?
  2. yzwiley

    Foresthill Trail 5 - easy direction?

    Not as bitchen as your 21k posts on here. I could never live up to your ever-so-encompassed "ThumperTalk" life. FWIW, I come on here every once in a while with a bag of popcorn just to see who's the jackass of the month. Hey, you win this month!! Concerning the kid, if his weight is that high then I would definitely not recommend a YZ250 to him. Get a thumper with better torque. BTW, do you need help in understanding how to setup one of those bikes? I have lots of experience. From reading what you've suggested to him it sure seems like you waste money on unnecessary parts. Maybe you need to spend that money on improving your skills first?
  3. yzwiley

    Foresthill Trail 5 - easy direction?

    Evidence of another lameass. Why the eff don't these guys get of their bikes and move that small timber instead of riding around it? As too, the dude on the KTM needs to learn to stay on the seat instead of unloading the rear of the bike and digging trenches. Watching this video is painful.
  4. yzwiley

    Foresthill Trail 5 - easy direction?

    Many others and I'm someone who'd know. I see there's still those few in here who give marginal advice. Why do all that work to a YZ250 motocross bike when there's great off-road bikes all setup and ready? 15 years ago I would agree with you, but today I absolutely do not. Here's one better suggestion, how about a nice KTM 250 XCW-F? All setup to ride off-road with a bulletproof motor.
  5. yzwiley

    NorCal madness has begun

    All was hid very well. You just can't trust everyone you show.
  6. yzwiley

    NorCal madness has begun

    Funny guy. No more enduros for me. I'm done with those like I am with GT. The place is torn back and every idiot ruined all the good stuff. It was inevitable with how so many were not willing to be respectful of the place.
  7. yzwiley

    NorCal madness has begun

    After reading this sh!t, it's obvious my decoder ring is way out of date.
  8. yzwiley

    Foresthill-First Timer

    You don't need a chainsaw. Lopers would work fine.
  9. yzwiley

    Foresthill-First Timer

    I think I meet Stu a couple weeks ago as we were unloading in the old elementary school parking lot. From talking to him I wasn't under the impression he knew much about what's going on out there. I say just go out and get it done.
  10. yzwiley

    Foresthill-First Timer

    No club affiliations. Just a recreational rider like most everyone else. I've never seen anyone from RUTS out there. The last thing to worry about is stepping on anyone's toes. Who would do that with volunteer efforts?
  11. yzwiley

    Tubliss Recommendation

    I've been running the TuBliss systems front and rear for a few years now. I just ride woods, no desert or tracks. I have had puncture flats that Slime hasn't been able to help with, but a plug kit did make the trail-side fix. I really like how I can air-down the rear to like 3 psi for technical conditions where I need the traction.
  12. yzwiley

    Foresthill-First Timer

    We cleared the down timber on Trail 6 last week, so all should be good there. It would be great if some others could get out there to help cut back some of the brush in the open burn areas. Otherwise, the trail is as sweet as always.
  13. yzwiley

    Georgetown pro's... need help.

    Eight years ago it was a really sweet trail, but since then it's been trashed by people who don't contribute to the maintenance, nor give a sh*t about cutting the switchbacks. It's sad to see that one get so thrashed over time.
  14. yzwiley

    Beyond Devil's thumb? / Trail 6 Foresthill

    I concur. Not wise to ride this one alone.
  15. Hola Tony. You know what I recommend. 350 XCW-F or 350 EXC-F. I love my 350. You're a bigger guy, I can't see a 250 making you content. Good luck in your search.