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  1. RamMan4x4

    Ral , painting dr350se chassis (1999)

    Nice bike! The closest color paint I have found to match the gray Suzuki frames is Rustoleum Metallic Charcoal. It's not perfect, but it is pretty close. I couldn't find it locally so I had to order it from Amazon...I'm not sure if it is available in Spain.
  2. RamMan4x4

    DR350SE crank fitment on different years?

    I am far from an expert on this, but I'll share what I have found. - Beginning in '94 the hole in the crankshaft for the balancer drive gear was drilled all the way through. Apparently there have been a few cases of the the pin in the balancer gear coming loose and working itself through the hole in the crankshaft that resulted in a lot of damage. Details in the links below. For that reason, it seems like a pre-'94 crank would be more desireable. http://www.kientech.com/dr350crankshaftfailurealert.htm http://advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11782567&postcount=105 - I think the stator side of the crankshaft is also different between the dirt and street model DR350...though I can't find the link to the comparison right now. EDIT: Found it...reference the link below: http://advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13492683&postcount=199
  3. RamMan4x4

    got some new tires at a great price

    That's one of the aspects of that tire that prevented me from buying it. I like something that will stick in the corners. My TKCs stick very well...I'm hoping the T63s will do the same.
  4. RamMan4x4

    got some new tires at a great price

    My TKC80 rear is wearing out fast so I ordered a Michelin T63 from motorcycle-superstore for $57 shipped (ordered a rain suit with it so I got free shipping). Looks to be a little more knobby than the TKC80 but at half the cost I couldn't pass it up.
  5. RamMan4x4


    Same here...bought during the group buy and used this stapler with some stainless steel staples. Love it!! http://www.amazon.com/Surebonder-9600-Pneumatic-Stapler-Carrying/dp/B000EOJPC6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1300627109&sr=8-1
  6. RamMan4x4

    Valve Adjustment Question...

    Oh and I got a good tip on this forum for setting valve lash...one over will be tight, two over won't fit. In real numbers, when I was setting the lash on the exhaust, my target was 0.008", 0.009" was tight and 0.010" wouldn't fit.
  7. RamMan4x4

    Valve Adjustment Question...

    I haven't seen anyone mention this so...according to the manual, the engine needs to be on TDC of the compression stroke. The TDC mark will show up twice during the 4-stroke cycle. I think technically it shouldn't really matter, but the risk is that the intake valve opens as soon as the piston moves down on the intake stroke so there may be a little tension on the rocker arm and you don't want that to interfere with you setting the valve lash. The easiest way to see if you are at the correct TDC is to watch the movement of the rocker arms. At TDC compression, you should be able to see the TDC mark and both the intake and exhaust valves will be closed (rocker arms at highest position) with the exhaust getting ready to open once the piston is ~halfway down. Just for reference, the ideal 4-cycle sequence is below...the actual sequence can be modified depending on the cam and cam/crank timing. Some engines have valve overlap (both intake and exhaust open at the same time) and some hold the intake or exhaust open longer...I'm not familiar with the exact sequence of the DR just yet. TDC - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed Intake stroke start - Intake valve opening/Exhaust valve closed Intake stroke finish - Intake valve closing/Exhaust valve closed BDC - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed Compression stroke start - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed Compression stroke end - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed TDC - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed Combustion start - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closed Combustion finish - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve opening BDC - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve open Exhaust stroke start - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve open Exhaust stroke finish - Intake valve closed/Exhaust valve closing TDC - Repeat... I hope this makes sense and explains why its best to check valve lash (gap) at TDC compression.
  8. RamMan4x4

    TwinAir air filter oil

    I use No Toil...made in the US, biodegradable, and seems to work pretty well. I've heard overtime it can breakdown the adhesive holding non-No Toil filters to the base...I'll keep an eye on it, but so far so good.
  9. RamMan4x4

    DR specific tools

    Thanks for your responses! I like the motion pro valve adjustment tools so I'll probably go that route. The flywheel puller is something I may need down the road, but I'll wait until I need it to order it. The info is great to have though! I have all except the rock...they are pretty expensive these days so I'll have to save up for it.
  10. RamMan4x4

    LED turn signals ?

    I'm running Buell Ulysses turn signals...they're not LED but you don't have them on all the time so the power usage difference from LED doesn't really matter. If you go this route, buy two Left Rear and two Right Rear. The front Buell lights have longer stems and are constantly on...thats why you want to use rear for front and back. I'll try to post pictures.
  11. I just bought a new billet Al throttle tube from ProCycle (Moose Racing product). It doesn't have any bearings, but it has a pretty smooth action...though I thought the stock was pretty smooth so you may be looking for something better. FWIW, the moose racing throttle tube is made in the USA...something I strive for in every purchase.
  12. RamMan4x4

    Need some help, no spark from a DR650

    Depending on how easily you can get to it...it would also make a good anti-theft device. How many thief's carry around a resistor?
  13. RamMan4x4

    New seat options possibly

    Sounds like a good deal, but this gives me a reason to buy an air stapler that I couldn't possibly do the job without
  14. RamMan4x4

    Need valve adjustment help

    Some members have stated they used a small open end wrench to hold the adjuster and another wrench to tighten the nut. I haven't tried, so I can't say for sure, but it seems logical.
  15. RamMan4x4

    New seat options possibly

    I barely made it...but I got in on the group buy. My butt can hardly wait.