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    DNA hubs/wheels for sale on e-bay

    YES They are Junk and are Bad imports all there stuff is imported really cheep stuff also so you know you can read this and make up your own mind but I would spend my money somewere eals ok and they will not back ther products they say that they make why well they really dont make anyof them at all . I and my Shop have been building bikes for show race and customs and custom Cars for 38 years and DNA is a really bad company do deal with there listed as a wheel companyin CA and they got into motorcycles over night .. were legale dealers of the Motorsports IND. and work also with the SAE International and the GOLD NADA Motorcycle DIV Hand Book so stay away from them your life will be in ther hands if you ride on there junk .. http://www.trustlink.org/Reviews/DNA-Specialty-Incorporated-205727330