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    MX is on ESPN2!

    Anyone draggin this morning after lasts nights ESPN coverage of Glen Helen. I just got finished pulling the bike appart to tech it for the ride this weekend. I went in and flipped on the tube to check the scores. Lo and behold to my weary eyes motorcross on latenight. 125 Class was easy to stay up for but the 250's was alittle ruff. Bubba was on fire. On the final lap did you see him wheele the hill? Ricky was unstoppable a fitting way to finish up the season. I was confused by MC's interview when he said that everyone else has made the decision for him to come back. What gives Jeremy? I'd like to see you come back but I'm just a fan bro. Maybe the remark was edited in a way to come off weird. I think the Quote of the day was taken from Ricky when he said if anyone will dethrown him it will be Bubba. Its nice to see the respect being given in alot of the interviews. Grant Langston is headed back to the 125's CHERRY PICKER!! He and Brown should start their own bike club CPR Cherry Picker Racing. The only problem is you need to win not just hang in the top 10. Their taking away contracts for up incomers that need the $backing. Oh well come on US Open....Big $ handout for a shoebox style race. If it wasn't for the money I don't think this race would get any respect.
  2. 4two6stroker

    My FOX pants stink!

    Trust me its for the RA more than the cabbage head roomate. eeeeewwwwwww gross!
  3. 4two6stroker

    Tracks in your area?

    Thankyou all I don't really want to spread DOOM&GLOOM but it sometimes lights the fire. I'll look at that artical thanks!
  4. 4two6stroker

    Tracks in your area?

    30 people and no track... This sport is going to be like RC cars. Here today gone tomorrow just a fad. I tried places to ride on the TT search for my area nothing...Just like all cool things that never reach the midwest.
  5. 4two6stroker

    Northeast Ohio riders??

    PM me I'll meet ya there and I'll bring the bros down. There is about 5 of us that ride/race together and they were talking about going back to Wellsville this yr. We'd most likley camp one night so let me know in October if yer gonna go. We just need a good excuse to go...ya know the wifes.
  6. 4two6stroker

    Tracks in your area?

    I could be behind the times here with this topic. Have we listed all the track in your area to practice and race? Shouldn't we compile a running list of places to go and times to be there? I think this is a really cool sport and would like to convert my machine one day. My biggest problem is where do I go? I realize to switch setups on my bike can run into a huge $ sign. My days in the dirt are numbering down and I don't want to stop riding. Onroad street sucks because of traffic and the other guy! Plus I don't get the same experance from my streetbike as my 426. I've had my share of close calls on the street and you could say I'm a little gun shy. Thats where I feel this sport might fit like a glove when I get tired of washing the dirt off. Have we already made a list of areas to ride? I realize the amount of tracks will most likely be few in #'s. I live in N.E.Ohio and know of no place to just go and watch let alone ride. I'm gonna keep looking and look to other sources to locate tracks I'll let ya'all know.
  7. 4two6stroker

    HOT NEWS Suzukis New DRZ400SM

    I gotta agree on the 450 model. We know it's just around the corner from the showroom floors. Most of us like to mod. up our cycles anyway. I'm guessing but I bet the front and rear are close if not the same as the RMZ 450 model. If you wait for Suzuki to give you an Alum. frame supermotar. You'll turn grey if there pushing the 400 to the market now. Why bring this 400 to the table? Everyone wants the new motor and frame not the same old crap with gravy on it. It's nice to see them making the attempt to give the people what they want There comes a time when the great idea turns into just an idea. I think this is one of them.
  8. 4two6stroker

    ESPN is the biggest joke

    I like the OLN coverage of the GNCC and Over the Top! Now I will agree its not done to perfection yet. The ideas and camera shots get better each yr. If they keep up the good work it will be intense helmet cam shots with personal interviews to make it better than standing next to a mud hole. SPEED to me has lost their minds with the NASCAR. Don't take this the wrong way but look at the coverage on Tuesday nights. 2Wheeled Tuesday is how they bill it right? We start the night off with GAY GREG'S show that flops around all forms of riding. His 50cc ride across America with his closest butt buddy. No real mans gonna ride a 50 across the US. Thats for 2 fags that want to complain to each other how sore their butts are. Spending quality time in hotels rubbing monkey butt cream on each other. Reflecting on the day by saying something faggy like "I can't believe were really doing this...How cool is it to do this ride with you." The rock climbing episode was done so GAY GREG could wear spandax shorts infront of the camera. Only to expose his bullseye interview skills. I don't know if he was trying to impress us with his cus the fag couldn't climb out of a milkcrate. The show after his is some rode hard put away wet butterface that wines when she talks. I bet she rides better than Gay Greg but the best thing about her is her implants. If it wasn't for the leather vest and clevage this bleached out chud bucket would still be selling cocktails in Vegas. I think a few more miles on her face and will be able to navigate our way across America. Next is Wolfman Jack....Dude stick to promos and voice overs please. Its the same freakin show without the implants. Yeah I just can't wait till next week when the belt buckel gets bigger and he gets more crome on it. Look I'll let you know now how I really feel. How many shows are we gonna see with a costume Harley choppers in it? I think Flavor Flave with his crome teeth would be a better fit. At least when he smiles next to the bike they'll match. Here are my programing changes to 2wheeled Tues. 1st Only one show dedicated to the Costume Chopper Folks. The host will only wear string thongs with a see threw tops. Each month the hoestest would change according to Hue's calender girl. A rerun of old races would would fallow the replacement of Butt Buddies Garage. This would be a News formate style show. It would consist of travel reporters that go to all the major events. It would cover all dirt and track style racing. There could also be special intrest reports,product review,upcoming races, and amature looks and stats. It could be just like reading Cycle News to a degree.
  9. 4two6stroker

    where was Alessi?

    No contract with Honda? All those amature titles on Honda's. You want me to believe he paided for those bikes? It doesn't matter I guess but some Honda dealer somewhere had him under their wing I'm sure. He won't be riding this winter in the Supercross season? Thats kinda weird...you'd think at his age he would want to race as many events as possible. Oh about the talent pool in the 125's vs 250's I think you give Brown and some of the other 125 speicalist alittle too much credit. To me the age limit in the 125 class should be 25. After that move up or move on to cherry pickin your local tracks! Then the difference in talent would reflect that these guys don't move up. Due to the fact a top5 125 rider makes more $ than a 10-25 top 250 rider. I guess we should let Ezra or Albee back in at the 125 class so they can compete in front again. No doubt the young guns in the 125 class are great but I have mixed feelings about something like some oldmans comeback...Get your gloves on and duke it out with the big boys ya skirt!
  10. 4two6stroker

    Engine Cutaway...

    Looks alot like a Yamaha motor. Nice billet waterpump impeller. Is the carb going to be fuel injected? I hate to say it but the bike hasn't hit White Bro's yet. If it has my friend must be under serious wraps to not talk about it.
  11. 4two6stroker

    Trail hand signals?

    Did you see me signal you after I was stuck behind your SUV Camo style beer-gut haulin freakin Quad? The middle finger is reserved for those special times when your holding up the show. I'm sorry if you missed it I hope the roost I pelted you with made my feelings clear. Get the @#$% out of the way ya no helmet wearin Drunk !!!
  12. 4two6stroker

    where was Alessi?

    I herd the rummor he was switching back to the 125cc class. Is this a true statement? Is his contract up with Honda? I thought KTM's tent was full for the upcoming Supercross season. He looked fast in that Steel City race...loose but fast. I think he's fast enough but his size isn't. He looked like the bike was carring him for the last few laps. Why not take on Bubba and stick with his speed for a season. If anything Bubba's times will be faster than the upper classmen in the 250cc's. Big Tony must like doing it his way. I can't imagine the contract $ would be any different weither he rides one class or the other. Unless he just wants to race MC but he could just enter both classes.
  13. 4two6stroker

    trail bike that can jump?

    New springs, revalved shocks, fresh suspension priceless investment. If you feel the bike is got enough motor and it fits like a glove...$1000 on setup will be the way to go. A woods setup won't react like a motorcross set up. Although the bottoming out and overall travel will be greatly improved over stock.
  14. 4two6stroker

    Bubba wins

    I herd a rummor about Mike A. #800 was going to make the switch back to the 125 class at Glen Helen. Not seeing or hearing the race(washed-up&out) was it true? If so did he ride the CRF450 again to what place?
  15. 4two6stroker

    HOT NEWS Suzukis New DRZ400SM

    Man they figured out how their going to get rid of all those heavy 400drz motors. The swingarm and the front end look new but the rest looks pretty much the same