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  1. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    2013 RMZ250 off road?

    A Rekluse EXP solves any flame out issue for off road if setup correctly...no more flame out, no more stalls, no more having to kickstart when hot (because it didn't stall). I raced my 1st Harescramble yesterday with the Rekluse and it is the bomb (used grey plug as it was a mud fest). On another note, I was a guy that complained about hot stall/hard start. My motor has loosened up now and doesn't have that problem. 2 kicks and gone again.. Good luck
  2. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    cooper webbs bike for sale

    I'm a belieber... Call the nu7mber and ask....report back asap
  3. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    The hot 2013 RMZ

    Well, i am so upset/embarressed.... I raced last weekends HS and was very frustrated with the bike stalling very easy and not starting. I ordered a Rekluse on Monday and got it in the mail yesterday so was checking out my clutch when i saw that a hose was off of the bottom of my radiator. Meaning i lost my coolent in the woods at the race and didn't notice it and my bike was getting hot and shutting down/stalling after the hose got knocked off. I stopped in frustration after the second lap, but ran like that (between stalls for aprox 7 miles).... I really dont know what to say...sorry for the stupid post about not being able to start when HOT...well i found out why today and am sick about it....
  4. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    The hot 2013 RMZ

    Thanks guys, yep I'm about 6.5 hyrs on my bike now, so may still be tight & I did notice how hot the bike was with the lean plug...OUCH...lol Hey, Suz just released the new RMZ lineup for 2014.... The major improvement noted is this "ECM ignition program has been changed for improved starting performance." I wonder if the ECM ignition program would work on my 13?...hmmm Thoughts?
  5. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    The hot 2013 RMZ

    Thanks so much guys..yes I am still border line breakin period and kicking like a 2 stroke. That is prob my issue. I am running the lean plug (may switch to the grey) but prob should get comfortable with one and stick with it so we gel on the hot starting.
  6. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    The hot 2013 RMZ

    Does your new RMZ start well when hot or if you tip over/stall when hot? Why is the RMZ the only bike still with a "hot start lever" when other modern EFI systems do not? Please describe your start procedure when hot...i stalled a few times at a race last week and my kicking leg got tired...lol. BUT, i just came off a 2 stroke so I may be needin some advice Thanks all ps...the bike is the bomb in the woods & am loving it
  7. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    JS7 High Point post race report video ,shows bent rotor

    Alessi will beat James this motocross season because of consistancy, not on pure speed (even though I think Alessi is just as fast as James is today right now). Oh, and I do think its funny that many criticized Alessi for pulling out of SX the last few rounds to get ready for MX. Looks like it paid off to me (being in such a stacked field and all)
  8. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    uttt oh, premix in my RMZ...grrr

    Getting ready to race this weekend I told my son to top off the RMZ, well he did (with premix 40:1). had both cans in arms reach and grabbed the wrong one. He put in about a 1/4 gal (the tank was about half full allready) before he realized & stopped. We were in a hurry so tipped the bike over & poored out what we could out of tank (still some in it) and filled with 93 gas and figured we were good. During the race (harescramble) i stalled it a few times and man-oman was it hard to start (along with stalling very easy, but that may have been a clutch adj issue), but again A REAL BEAR TO START, bike has aprox 7hrs on it. Would the left over, deluted premix mix effect the bike any? Thanks
  9. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Do you think That Dungey could have won moto 2?

    if them europe riders got out of the way faster Alessi would have won
  10. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Alessi proving u wrong yet?

    I agree, that is why I said that I only see him moving up, not down.... You all have to admit that he is one of the best outdoor motocrossers on the continent at this point in time and if you can't, well your just haters or jealous.
  11. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Alessi proving u wrong yet?

    Check results in my first post to answer the "training, motivation, or complacency problem" question
  12. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Motocross Alessi proving u wrong yet?

    A few of you (that know it all) were saying that Alessi would be lucky to break into the top 10 with such a stacked field. What ya say now?? I see him only moving up....not down. So where are all these other guys that are so much better outdoors than Alessi? Last week: Thunder Valley 450 Motocross Results 2013: 1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 1-1 2. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2-2 3. Justin Barcia (Honda) 3-4 4. Trey Canard (Honda) 4-5 5. Mike Alessi (Suzuki) 6-6 Overall 450 Motocross Championship Points 2013: 1. Ryan Villopoto, 100 2. Ryan Dungey, 88 3. Justin Barcia, 70 4. Trey Canard, 70 5. James Stewart, 66 6. Mike Alessi, 54 quack quack
  13. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Just picked up a 2013 for Enduro's and Hare Scrambles.

    Thanks for the race report upnorth. I'm running the stock clutch setup and after a few hours on my 13 I feel the flame out stall is a issue. At this point I think you have to ride it just like a MX 2stroke when in the tight. When going hot into hair pins with heavy breaking (with trees on each side, log crossing exititing, etc.) you have to grab a hand full of cluth and get them rpm's up for the exit before dumping out (don't dump 2 fast or it will flame...lol). Still I feel the bike is a great woods weapon and far more of a bike than my 04 GasGas was for same conditions. I soon will know as my first race back from breaking my femur is in 2 weeks...can't wait. pic of last yr on GasGas, she is still in the stable
  14. 02NHSChamp4strokeA

    Just picked up a 2013 for Enduro's and Hare Scrambles.

    How long were you on the HS track? Sounds like you had fun and very good results...congrats. Which plug were you using? thanks
  15. Any ideas on how to do it without scratching the plastic? I have tried the hair dryer and its not pealing off like a normal sticker...lol